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  1. Sounds good B) I'm sure without internet, my car would have been sitting in the garage...many, many years. Oops, it's actually have been sitting in garage almost two years, but wait this summer Always got excellent service from Steve from SJ, I can trust to get proper parts
  2. We made emergency cables and hide them If original cables snap it's very easy to pull from these "hide cables"....thay are very easy to install, I recommend. You notice very quickly where to hide them B) Have to grease those mechanism things also, that we didn't do...
  3. I have been dreaming Bendpak lifts or similar......wait when I get my garage to build B)
  4. Got some info today from our cylinder head specialist....If he makes new valves (steel valves) they cost 40,50
  5. I promise to show some photos from Tampere show, which is usually pretty "pro"....this time it was no exception Sorry about short story and only couple photos....I'm tired....more photos from the link at the end of this topic. Man himself, John D'agostino, he's been visiting Tampere many times...his cars were definitely best in show B) Rod like a formula: Cutiest smile on the show Some modelling practising....which was good excuse to me to exercice photographing models Her's the rest of the photos: Hod Rod & Rock Show And more story on my blog... Comments are welcome Thanks for watching Jussi
  6. Is that Argentina pesos? If it is, then 1000pesos is 184
  7. Sorry....I read......LEF is presented HC
  8. Here's the photo from my home....taken last december, one of those laptops isn't mine Displays 1*24"wide & 2*19" I should get a life...
  9. Photo from today's car show at Tampere B) Photographer can be hot....or what's your opinion Will show my report later from that car show....
  10. Today's photo: It's from the band where my brother plays drums, if you want to know more, then just check my blog
  11. Jussi

    Spring photos

    Heh, that's good one Roger
  12. My car is Federal-model (USA), so there are changes to euro-models. Camsafts are's the head otherwise? Are there other reasonable price whole cylinder heads on the market?
  13. Thanks Is "Elanfactory" reliable seller? anyone ordered from them?
  14. Valves have bended a there's no change to use old ones, that's for sure What you guys think is best solution? Buy new valves, buy old cylinder head with valves in it or let this specialist make new ones. He's been doing many other turbo engines, so I trust him, he knows what he's doing and was very interested about this project Or let it put this way: what is the best solution with balance of price and quality. Any other findings about reasonable price valves/heads? And I really want to drive my Lotus on next month
  15. You lucky one B) I thought it was Enrique Iglesias concert
  16. Are those suitable for my car?
  17. We just came from cylinder specialist.....bad news exhaust valves are in very bad shape and they must be change... Any idea where we can find new ones for reasonable price? Old ones have 2cm. black s**t on their arm. Cylinder specialist said that he can lathe new ones (he's got some racevalves on the shelves) with no problem if Lotus-ones are expensive.
  18. That's sad They should have access on these forums, there are lots of information on here to factory also. Let's start topic "Give access employees to LEF/EVF/2EF" and collect names to it and good explanations why....then someone can give that list to factory ?
  19. I also give good points for TomTom. Easy to use and easy to find pois (speed cameras, shops etc. users add these) from internet B)
  20. Hi Colin and welcome to forum
  21. NO, NO, NO....don't change it....that's so .....ehh. you
  22. Howard, I'm glad to help you out. Send photos to me and I send smaller ones back B)
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