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  1. Only thing I can this There's enough space, colour is just perfect...what else you need
  2. Thanks Andy, that helped a wallet won't be so thin Any other opinions? My main idea for changing is to get nicer sound B)
  3. What's the best place to find these and what will the cost be? I was just dreaming to put stainless steel axhaust manifold to my car, cause old manifold is on the table at the moment. Nothing wrong with the original and will put it back if stainless steel is expensive. I found SJsportscars have FULL STAINLESS STEEL SYSTEM, any other options, although I'm not sure if that even include manifold? Sorry guys, lots of topics....I'm just dreaming to get my car back on the's almost two years since the last drive
  4. Those bushes were front anti-roll bar bushes, just checked those....there's huge loose on them. There's been nothing special progress on this project....but I managed to wax the car today B) We're going to check starter and charger also, cause they are so nicely available at the moment.
  5. Do any of you have a photo from original air hose between airfilter and turbo, it's the biggest air hose on the car. What material is the original and is there any option, cause Lotus-part cost too much for my opinion I'm sure those are available on some hardware store, mine isn't original, so I want to be certain what material it should be B)
  6. Jonathan, you have perfect GT3, so why not make it more perfect B) Some mods and you have a lot faster GT3, than V8
  7. My guess is also SJSportscars I'm need of front anti-roll bar bush set, just send email to Steve, they have excellent service Btw are those from Triumph
  8. Been on holiday for two weeks now.....jiihaa And next week it's time to go back to work
  9. Hi Steve Only gasket was cylinder head gasket. There were no gaskets between cam towers and cam cover. These gaskets probably come with cylinder head gasket kit? We took the head to specialist today, he checked that everything were straight, so good news about that. He also noticed that head has been skimmed already and he said that there isn't need to skim more. So I will order thick gasket set from SJSportscars This specialist can make new bolts from cam head to cylinder head, he's going to heli-coiled that head (and weld). We were quite lucky, this specialist said that he got so much work to do, that he takes orders on next autumn....but he promise to take this job, so I can drive this summer B) My next job is to make list about parts we're going to order. There's also loose at the front of the car, when braking. I remember that there were some bushes, which need changing.....not sure which ones and what they are called in english.
  10. Thanks again....there were lots of information Btw. what were the valve clearences? I'm sure we can get correct shims from this specialist. There were no gaskets on cam towers, they were just that's one more reason why they leaked. Ooh, and one more thing, I have a Federal car, so there might be some differences to U.K-cars. Jussi
  11. Thanks Will but I'm not a fast worker, I'm just cleaning the garage and so on.....My friend "Jussi2" is the specialist.....he's been driving on different races and been many years mechanic on different teams.
  12. Thanks Steve I think reason to thread the cam tower had been, that they had broken original stud bolts....And perhaps they wanted the car cheaply and fast to get fixed, so they cheated previous owner. Long bolts on the picture are the ones that goes from cam tower to head, wow, they really cost much, I'm gonna ask, if the specialist could make new ones. I'm not sure how hard it's order from PNM and Lotusbits to Finland and I have a bit of hurry at the moment I have been using SJSportscars and always got excellent service and fast. My next uncertainty is glue on the engine, can anyone explain what are the products and all the places you should put the glue on? Loctite 518 is the right one for cam towers, how about glue on the bolts? Big thanks my friends B)
  13. Nice Jukka you had the car out, I've heard about it (friends have seen some Lotus in the city).... Hopefully I get my car on the road this summer. What made me happy? At last there's big improvement on our project, took the cylinder head out today and going to take it to a specialist tomorrow B) I'm really excited, cause it seems, that this summer I can actually drive my Lotus, what else can you ask
  14. It took 6hours from us today to remove cylinder head with exhaust manifold. We had to remove front engine bracket bolts and loosen transaxle fixing bolts. That way we lifted the engine up and there were enough room for taking head out B) There's some info about the project on my "cylinder head" topic. Hopefully the car is back on the road on this should be.
  15. Don't asked where I have been for last year Anyway....Lotus-project is going VERY fast at the moment B) We took the cylinder head out today and now I really know why there's been some leak! Some idiot had replaced cylinder head's stud bolts.....look what they have changed to: The first one is it possible to order these? Cause we're taking the cylinder head to specialist tomorrow and he will fixed it, like new Plastic on the right is some kind of cement...they tried to stop leaks with that thing, I guess.... And here's the main reason, why there's been leaking: They have drilled bigger holes on that upperhead We discovered numbers from cylinder head gasket....are these part numbers? "12922 021" Can I order like this....or what if the specialist will grind the cylinder head, I will need in that case thicker gasket? I will order the whole cylinder head gasket kit, are there any other parts (gaskets) I should order? I have those exhaust gaskets already Are these upper head bolts available? I really appreciate fast answers and really need your help my friends for next few weeks I promise, if I get the Lotus back on the road this summer, I will visit U.K this year Turbo is fixed and it's like new Thanks. Jussi from warmer Finland
  16. Hi Alex If it isn't red...then definitely gold B) Green/Gold=perfect colour combo imo
  17. That's amazing.....So practically Bibs lives in GoogleMapStreetView....just "walking around" I have to make confession, just "checked" it at work today
  18. Take a flight and come to Finland Maybe we figure out something.... B)
  19. That was amazing...I'm lucky for living here middle of the nowhere, no problem about street views Anyway that's clever for some tourist or so.....but like you said, there are always people who has bad thoughts
  20. There have been a lot discussion about's yes and no I had Thermotec on my previous race-car and it helped a lot. Main thing was to get temperatures at the engine area lower and it helped for that....and got some extra power for that way also B) So I would say go for it. Here's some discussion:
  21. Ian I'm sure you did just well I think it's normal (for normal people anyway) to be nervous for that kind of situations. You can't imagine how nervous I was....when I met you all in U.K Even afterwards I was disapppointed about how I talked with you all. Cause you all were so polite and my biggest problem were some words, so you might got impression that I wasn't polite Anyway, miss you guys
  22. Have been wandering in forest this weekend...with my camerabag B) We had excellent weekend, nice bright bright, that I have headache at the moment.....well I know cure for that, good old finnish coffee B) Here are some photos from yesterday, I really like snow/sun/shadows..... Today's mission was to find first swans and just to enjoy for spring: Here's the swan: You can find rest of the photos from my page. And I have some more for you.....made a blog It's in English, so take a look and leave your comments Jussi's blog Thanks for watching Jussi
  23. Congrats Malc I was happy today for realizing spring is here B)
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