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  1. Halfords were spot on for me too. I went there not expecting much, and thought I'd at least need the long ICI code, but was surprised to see they had the Lotus codes. It must have been good, because Howard didn't even spot that any work had been done, and there's not much slips past Howard's eagle eye.
  2. I just showed this to a biker at work and watching his reaction was almost as funny as the video itself. First his shoulders started to shake, then got uncontrollable giggles. By the end he was literally in tears. Several tissues were needed before the flow was under control.
  3. Hi you two, Congrats on the engagement and the lovely house. Been trying to ring you Simon, but just keep getting your voicemail - I've left my home number on it. I'm working at home tomorrow, so you can call me during the day. I'm sure Bibbo's celebrated diplomatic skills will persuade Lisa that man + fire = happiness. That decking should do nicely for the house warming bonfire (let's face it, it's soooo 1990's), and I see there are plenty of trees for when that's gone. Do we have to bring our own ironing boards? Phil
  4. If Howard's OK with this, then I'll be happy to second the proposal.
  5. Hi guys, After 3 months of all work & no play, I was really looking forward to a bit of a hoon. Unfortunately, there's a leak in my clutch, so until I get time to sort it out, I'll be stuck with my daily drive. I'll try to get to the lay-by for 8, but if I'm not there, don't wait for me. I'll have been working late and will meet you all at Donny, where you can all teach me about work-life balance and other mythical concepts such as "free time". Phil
  6. If this is still on, I'll be up for it again. Sorry for the late response, I've been up to my eyes in work lately (actually, I'm still working at 12:40am ), so I'd not spotted this before. As one of the few who went to the first detailing day, I can assure any waverers it'll be an interesting day, and you'll also have the chance to pick up some top quality detailing products with a nice discount. Phil
  7. First impressions are good. It looks nice, but... I can't make out what the main graphic is, and what's with the grey fish? I'd prefer to see an Esprit on there, and also the Lotus logo, although I think you should check with the factory before using it. I wouldn't think there'd be a problem, but it's the courteous thing to do. I don't like sites where you have to click to enter - they're an irritating waste of time and bandwidth. I always feel it's like having a shop where you have to knock to get in. They might say welcome, but that's not the impression they give. The second pic
  8. I had the same problem. If you don't know the key code, you have to go via a Lotus dealer. They send off an archive search request to Lotus to get the code, then get the key cut themselves. I tried going to Lotus direct, but they would only do it through a dealer.
  9. You're more or less right Rog. I'm no expert, but I can hopefully clarify a bit. As you say, the wastegate, when open diverts exhaust gasses away from the turbine, therefore removing drive from the turbo. The primary activation of the wastegate is from the inlet manifold pressure. There is a spring in the wastegate which controls the maximum inlet manifold pressure. The chargecooled cars also have a solenoid, controlled by the ECU which can override the spring, E.g. on the SE, the wastegate spring is designed to open the gate at 0.65 bar boost, the same as the non-chargecooled cars. T
  10. The SE has the rectangular vent too. I think the hi-wing was the first to use the new deck.
  11. Is that Karl's handywork Graham? Modtastic
  12. One has to question his commitment to the NMEG cause! Time for an EGM I think. If Dave doesn't show, we can vote him our new chairman and bill payer. If hot-tub photos or video are forthcoming (the only admissible evidence), we would of course be ready to apologise and drop the charges.
  13. First, a personal thanks to Alex for his hospitality last night. A few drinks, then a curry served by the equally delicious Amy Another enjoyable NMEG day blessed with fine weather. A decent turnout, with six Esprits, and six different models. As well as the reg'lars it was good to see Andy representing the G-cars in his fire breathing S3 - one pop was so loud I actually felt it After a hoon around some Cheshire lanes led by Alex, we stopped for a photo opportunity outside Jodrell Bank. After passing through a cloud of feathers, and seeing a fresh pheasant in the middle of
  14. One more to add to your collection Alex. When you flash your headlights, I think they're supposed to glow! The pods popped up, but the lights stayed off. Perhaps the relay shifted by 4mm too.
  15. No news for a couple of days. Did you decide to try some sloppy sixteenths after all Dave?
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