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  1. Various items available for sale: Personalised plate: FE22 CUP £600 (cost £880). Perfect for any of the final delivery Cup 250 or Cup 430 Final Editions! OEM Alcantara sills with silver stitch £500 (cost £700). Brand new, never installed. Elise Cup 250 skyshell outdoor cover from Specialised Covers £350 (cost £430). Same company that make the new Lotus OEM covers. Brand new, never used. OEM Elise stereo blanking plate and mount £30 (cost £50). Brand new, never installed. 4* monochrome union jack decals for rear wing endplates (to fit Final Edition style endplates). £10 Black bolt set from "carbolts" to swap out the silver bolts that secure the door trim panels. £10 Elise and Exige brochures from 2019. £10 Anti-glare screen protector custom cut to fit FInal Edition dash. £10 Please PM if interested.
  2. Looking for both if these - if anyone has either for sale please PM.
  3. Just PM'd you - alcantara with silver stitch works for me!
  4. Due to pickup my 250 Cup FE shortly. I went with carbon sills and am now wondering if I should have gone with Alcantara sills, so am enquiring with the dealer to see if they can swap them over retrospectively. If not, is anyone here in the market for an almost brands new (i.e. fitted to my car then removed whilst still in the showroom) set of carbon sills? To those seasoned Lotus drivers on here: - does anyone struggle with heel and toe because the brake and accelerator is too far apart, and if so are there any recommended aftermarket solutions? - are there any recommended setup changes to the car out of the box for track work - different pads? in understeer on corner entry a problem, and are their solutions to address? Sorry for the questions - coming over to Lotus as a longtime Caterham owner!
  5. @Delhard @JG220 Liquid Yellow and Vivid Green cars look amazing!! Any chance you can post some pics of the interior, when you get the cars. Mine is (hopefully!) still spec amendable and still agonising over black vs grey interior...
  6. @Kerm111t Please can you post pics of your car once you have it. There is a Cup430 in the same spec (vivid green, silver interior, diamond cut wheels) on Facebook and on SELOC and it looks phenomenal! Keen to see how it looks on a Cup250 also!
  7. I believe black alcantara with contrast stitching is now being offered as a NCO on the Cup 250 FE, just as it has always been offered as a NCO on the Cup 430 FE. As I understand it, this came about following complaints that the silver alcantara comes out far lighter than the configurator would suggest.
  8. Adding myself to the Cup250FE list below! Cup250FE CocoPops - Isotope Green / Red Interior / Black Wheels 08sag - Met Orange / Silver Interior / Black Wheels JG250 - Vivid Green / Silver Interior / Black Wheels Jonnyboy - Metallic Grey TonyKL - Fire Red Alunavegg - Daytona Blue AndyM - Daytona Blue Baefi - Vivid Green SuzyH - Pearl yellow huage-f1 - Elise Grey, Black interior with silver contrast stitching / Diamond cut wheels Sport240FE Cyph3r - Burnt Orange / Anthracite Wheels Happyclappygiraffe - Epsom Green / Tan leather interior / black wheels Andrew190783 - Azure Blue / Black wheels Trebor_UK - Red / Anthracite Wheels
  9. 2Bular was the option advised to me, independently by two different UK Lotus dealers.
  10. Apologies - UK RHD. From what I understand there are sadly no slots available.
  11. Appreciate I am a new member here but if anyone is aware of an amendable build slot for a Cup 250 that is still available I would be extremely grateful if you could let me know. Thanks!!
  12. what sort of discounts were offered historically on the 430?
  13. I am considering purchasing an Exige 430/410 for trackday use, but am aware that the factory fitted exhaust will fail noise limits on almost all UK trackdays. Based on what I have found from some internet research, the following aftermarket options are available: 1) Seriously Lotus: 2) Komotec: 3) For a time I believe Lotus offered a factory approved aftermarket option, but no longer do: From what I have read elsewhere online, I believe this is the same as the options listed above that are still offered by Seriously Lotus and Komotec 4) 2Bular: 5) Hangar111: 6) Komotec muffler: This website (I assume written by 2Bular) is not complimentary about all options other than theirs: But then I have read other forum postings that are equally uncomplimentary about 2Bular. This Pistonheads user seems happy with his 2Bular exhaust: I would very much appreciate some advice from anyone that has researched the same issue, or has fitted any of the above options, as to what you would recommend? I don't mind not being able to drive Goodwood/Thruxton, but am looking for a solution that would get me on track at all other UK tracks, without having to coast/liftoff/short shift each time I go past the DB sensors at the track - want to be able to drive full chat without having to constantly worry about noise!
  14. Is the "official" Lotus Track Exhaust still available (whether from Hoffmans or anyone else)? Is it the same as the products offered by Seriously Lotus and Komotec: What are people's experiences of this exhaust as compared to the 2Bular offering: I am looking to purchase an Exige 430/410 for UK trackday use, so understand I will need to purchase one of these products, and would appreciate whatever advice anyone is happy to offer!
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