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  1. @DH2 Both times this has happened it's been right at the start of a session, so just after the car has been sat there for a while whith everything very hot. I'd wondered if the heat soak and no circulation was causing high temperatures inn the coolant. I know the chargecooler pump starts when it sees 20°C and is at max speed by 50°C, so you're right, I wouldn't really expect boiling temperatures in normal use. The Lotus Service notes state: Note: Although the system is not fully pressurised, the coolant may reach a temperature of 70°C approximately. However....something definitely occurred which caused coolant to be spurted everywhere, and the engine bay was immaculate the session before it happened. It didn't actually cause a light, just the limp mode. If you look at this thread, their coolant bottle looked like it was behaving the same as mine and they also had the power loss. Although they had no light either, the Lotus code reader showed a code stored - P123B: Charge Air Cooler Pump Performance Limited.
  2. Just carrying on from comments I made on another thread; I haven't really done anything else to the car, other than a couple of track days. I had one at Brands Hatch where the car went into limp mode. After turning off and on again it was ok but at the time I lost confidence and it partially ruined the day. (As did getting black flagged for noise, as it was a quieter GP circuit day) On Saturday I was at Hethel for a track day with Lotus on Track. It was a pretty warm day, I think 31°C according to the weather forecasts. Yet again, after a few sessions, as I left the pits the car went into limp mode. I drove it back, opened the engine bay up and discovered this: I There had clearly been some issue with the cap either leaking, or genuinely relieving the pressure. I'm sure that this is what caused limp mode. I know that there were issues with tanks and that the part is now on the fourth revision. I've ordered a new tank and cap. A little while ago I took the old tank off to have a good look at it, and discovered a problem. Looking inside showed this: A clear crack where the mounting studs are. I filled the tank with water, and looked from outside: No doubt there, water that's not under any pressure leaked straight out. I'm still not sure exactly how this relates to my problem and what had been happening. Effectively my tank has been slightly open to atmosphere and in theory unable to pressurise (if the pressure was rising slowly). Has this caused the coolant to boil, at which time it pressurises so quickly the cap relieves the pressure? This could also cause flow issues which would result in the 'pump performance' error code I've seen shown on the forums before which caused limp mode. Either way, hopefully the new tank and cap will be an end to this particular problem. The track day at Hethel was fun. Quite a relaxed day due to the heat, as people were limiting track time and socialising a bit more. The circuit is more fun to drive in real life than it looks from the track map. For the second time, I was out on track with a 350 which had been fitted with an Alias23 intake, but also the lighter forged wheels from a 410/430 and Nitron suspension. This was a different car to before and yet again after taking it in turns to lead, I came to the conclusion the straight line speed was basically identical. That did however change later in the day after a few laps as he seemed to noticeably lose a bit of power to heat soak. I was having to lift off when following him, which I didn't need to do earlier on.
  3. @Toqcars I'll do a post on my own thread, so I don't keep messing up Tex's.
  4. @Tex @Toqcars Just for your info, this is what my tank looked like after the first limp mode. The tank was clean up until that point. The coolant was obviously getting hot, and pressure had built up. Either the cap is leaking, or it genuinely did its job and relieved the pressure at 16psi. Either way, when this pressure relief happens it must throw up some code. What was weird, was the level seemed low when I first looked at it and then slowly went back up to the line as it sat there. I still can't understand that bit at all. I've just cleaned it up and tried to re-tighten the cap, but it jumps threads before it gets to what I consider to be properly tight. I've ordered a new cap and a new tank. (The tank part number is now on it's FOURTH revision. I'm not sure what version I've got fitted)
  5. @Tex Yes, I did enjoy the circuit. I was worried from looking at the circuit diagram I’d find it a bit boring, but in real life I found it quite fun. I’m not sure whether there’s something wrong with the cap on my chargecooler expansion tank, or whether it genuinely needed to relieve pressure.
  6. I was at Hethel on Saturday for a track day, and it was my first time there too. I had a couple of 'limp mode' issues, but I'm 99% certain mine was down to charge cooler coolant. Looked like it had spurted out through the cap.
  7. This photo is on Komotecs website, and it looks fairly flattened in that are:
  8. @MrDThanks for your comments. 🙂 With regards to the bulbs, when I installed mine there was definitely a bit of space between the bulb and the dust caps I fitted. I checked this at the time, and I was able to push the end of the cap in by a few millimetres. I had deliberately not pushed the cap as far on as possible though to try and create a bit of airflow space around it. I put the cap on just far enough to seal, and then put a cable tie around it to stop it accidentally coming off.
  9. @Jcx It's interesting that the headlights of both of our cars were/are badly aligned and pointing down at the ground. I wonder how many other cars/people out there are suffering with 'terrible' lights, rather than just 'bad' lights because of how they're aligned?
  10. @Toqcars I'm afraid I think I must be misunderstanding exactly what you're saying. I've just taken a photograph through the spokes of the wheel showing the rear damper/spring assembly and the wheel rim next to it. The wheel on mine is nowhere close to the main spring or helper spring at all, and as far as I can tell be feeling around, I've probably got another 20mm of clearance before the wheel would hit anything. Even if I adjusted the locking rings right up to the top, it doesn't look like anything would contact.
  11. I'm not sure that will affect all cars equally. As I said in the other thread, the factory standard setting for the rear is over 2 degrees, with up to 2 and a quarter degrees within tolerances. I run 2 and a quarter degrees and have no issues with rubbing. I'm quite interested in how close I am though after these conversations, so I might do and an inspection when I get home and see how much clearance I've actually got.
  12. Yeah, the 410 wheels are the same as the 430 and have the 3mm spacer installed. Im curious now as to how close my wheel might be to hitting the helper spring!
  13. @Toqcars That's interesting. When I had mine done, the 'as found' was just under 2 degrees, and they were able to set it to 2.25° for me. This it what is in the Lotus Service notes regarding rear suspension settings on the various models
  14. Just for people's general info, the standard camber setting on the rear is 2.10°. Up to 2.25° is within factory tolerances, so I'd have thought you'd need to be significantly over that for the wheel to be hitting anything.
  15. This video pretty much covers it. There's basically just three bolts to undo from inside. Funnily enough, I did EXACTLY the same as the guy in the video. Managed to remove and replace all three bolts without dropping one...and then dropped the allen key into the door. I ended up having to remove the door cards on both sides to retrieve dropped items in the end.
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