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  1. It was from a place called Total cost including delivery was just over £15.
  2. Just finished off a little cosmetic change that I'd been thinking about before I'd even got the car. I was never quite sure that the silver stainless fastenings on the wing and door cards looked right. This is obviously a personal opinion thing, but I prefer fasteners to blend in. £15 worth of black stainless fixings were ordered. Wing Before: Wing After: Door Before: Door After: I'm really pleased with the result. Plus it's my favourite type of modification: Cheap, Quick, Easy, and reversible in min
  3. I’m not so bothered when just going out for a weekend drive, but travelling places is a different matter. I plan to do a few track days, and most circuits are 2 hours plus from where I live. Plus I want easy to see and hear Sat Nav, because I’m ‘Geographically Challenged’.
  4. Well after watching lots of videos today and doing lots of thinking, I’ve listened to MAG and ordered an SPH-10BT. It does seem very good value for money. And although there are a couple of cons, it is a very nice unit.
  5. Yeah, I guess you’ll always be stuck with the same responsiveness and resolution. What are the improvements that wouldn’t be catered for on an old flip out screen? I’ve only ever used a modern unit so I’d like to know if there are features I’ve used which wouldn’t be available to me if I bought a flip out unit.
  6. True, but this is also the case with the flip out screens as long as they have Apple Carplay or Android Auto. Apple Carplay on a 5 year old Pioneer flip out screen will be identical to Apple Carplay on a brand new Porsche. I do like the idea of the stereo becoming the phone holder though. It all comes down to personal preference I guess. I have been looking at the SPH10/SPH20 and watching videos, but I think I'd prefer to have the 'normal' Carplay interface on a bigger screen. Especially if you're used to it in multiple vehicles as it'll be the same in each one.
  7. I checked that. The average current drain is quoted as 1mA. Therefore in my opinion the benefits far outweigh the negligible current draw.
  8. First modification carried out last night, albeit not a particularly exciting one. Having read all the horror stories about killing the lithium batteries and the care they need, I thought any help keeping an eye on it would be worth having. So I ordered one of these: Obviously very easy to connect, nothing more complicated than connecting to the positive and negative of the battery. (Although for ease of install, I didn't connect the positive directly onto the battery) Then download and connect to the app, and it immediately shows the battery le
  9. After posting in the 'Introductions' section, I thought I'd keep a diary of my car and any upgrades I do in this section. It's a 2019 Exige 410 Sport. Cyan Blue, with the interior colour coded pieces in yellow. It's got the Carbon Fibre seats, Carbon Roof and Lithium Battery. Collection day was long but exciting. When I arrived here, I'd never even seen a 410 sport in real life before, never mind seen or driven the car I'd actually just bought... The sales woman went to grab the car from where it was tucked away, and when she brought it round for me, even my m
  10. I must admit that part of decision making process for getting my 410 recently was that it shouldn’t hopefully lose much money in the next few years. (Although you can never really be sure)
  11. It’s the engineer in me, I can’t help it. It does make life easier when you can find a tool in 5 seconds instead of 5 minutes though!
  12. There's no chance it's going in the garage. When I moved in I had a choice between trying to make it a 'working' garage or a 'car storage' garage. I went for the former.
  13. You wouldn't happen to live in the Carlton Colville area would you? I sometimes run past a house with an Exige on the drive.
  14. Yep, it’s got the quick connector thing hanging in the boot with the leads connected to the battery. I better make sure I keep on top of the battery maintenance!
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