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  1. It’s a GoPro Hero 8 black. ‘Spot metering’ is turned on so that it sets the exposure on the outside view, rather than on the car interior. If you don’t do this you sometimes see videos where the interior is really clear, but the outside view is far too bright.
  2. No mods this time, just another track day. This time at Cadwell Park. The day didn't start of great when my name wasn't on the list to be there, so I had to go back at 8:30am when they could ring head office. Turns out I was the first person to try and sign on, and they actually had the attendee list for a different circuit. Nobody there was on the list... Next up was noise testing, and I'd heard from somebody that their 410 had squeezed through the week before with a wink. I decided to chance my arm and I also managed to get through. A full day with maximum noise and no additional stupid silencer hanging off the back of my car. I've only been to Cadwell once before, and it was about 8 years ago. So I was basically starting from scratch again. I'd forgotten what a daunting circuit it is, and it took me much longer than normal to build up speed and confidence in the grip levels. The best lap in my first session was over 2 minutes. By lunchtime it was down to about 1m50s. And by the end of the day I was down to 1m44s. The laps were still far from perfect, and I've identified a few places to improve when I go back. As usual, the car itself performed faultlessly. I had a few people come up to me to chat about it, and more than one person say it was the best sounding car out there (normally followed by "How the hell did you pass the noise test"). This video is from the final session of the day: And a few of the photos from the day: I think the Clio in the final picture might have been pushing quite hard...
  3. I'll be brutally honest. I bought my HANS with every intention of wearing it all the time. So far that hasn't quite been the case. I need to force myself to wear it more often and just make it 'the norm'.
  4. I never drove my Exige 410 on track without harnesses, but I imagine it is hard work due to the cornering and braking forces. It feels so much nicer compared to driving all my previous cars on track with normal belts. At the end of the day, HANS is his choice. Plenty of people use harnesses without HANS, and the Schroth harness for the Exige / Elise do have ASM technology which makes them act slightly more like a normal seat belt in an accident. It's designed for anti-submarining, but it does have the advantage of reducing the 'snap' of the head to a certain extent. Any particular reason why he's reluctant to use a HANS device? Too much faff? Feels too restricted?
  5. Had a trip over to @Hangar 111 for an alignment check and adjustment today. The main purpose was to get a bit more camber put on the front for less understeer on track, but it's always good to have the settings checked on a car you've bought. Arrived first thing and they got the car on the machine. Despite only being a couple of years old, the rear toe links were seized and were therefore a bit of a pain. As for the settings, well the initial settings were pretty much as you'd expect apart from one front toe was quite a way out. The car had way more toe out than you would expect. Here are the initial and final results: On the drive home the car felt completely different. I had assumed the amount of 'wandering' and steering wheel tugging around over poor surfaces was just how this car was. Obviously that wasn't true, because on my 40 mile journey home I didn't feel it do that at all. The car just felt planted and stable, and I didn't need both hands on the wheel to keep the thing from darting around all over the place. In conclusion, I highly recommend getting your alignment checked out, even if you want standing settings. You never know had bad it is, and how much it's affecting the drivability of the car.
  6. Wow, that’s going to look pretty extreme. I can’t wait to see it all finished. I haven’t been so excited for new videos to be uploaded this much since Project Binky the mini!
  7. I read Jason Plato's book this week. He said he met Michael at the Race of Champions. Thought he would be quite boring. They ended up drunk and ripping peoples clothes off them together...
  8. If anybody is thinking about an LED upgrade, I've just done a short write up on the Philips Ultinon Pro 9000 bulbs.
  9. Yesterday I had a go at addressing one of the few things about the Exige with is sub standard - the headlights. After looking at some threads on here, I decided that I wanted to give LED bulbs a try. I know there are cheaper options available from a few places, but I wanted to play it safe with something from a known manufacturer. After a bit of research I purchased a set of these: My thinking is that they should have hopefully developed them to have an OEM type beam pattern, and the 5 year warranty gives some peace of mind. These newer versions do not have a separate ballast box to worry about. Fitting was fairly straight forward with two points of note. If installed straight out of the box, the bulb will be in the wrong orientation. The light should be shining left / right and not up / down. As you may be able to tell from the photo above, the bulb have a little allen bolt which you screw in, and can then rotate the holder until the bulb is aligned as required. The second issue once fitted is that the dust cap no longer fits. A larger one from ebay has been ordered to try and resolve that. So how does it perform? I took some photos of the car parked in front of my garage with the OEM bulbs. This was mainly to get a record of the original beam pattern as much as to try and record the brightness. The bulbs were then fitted and I took a second set of photos. The car had not been moved, and I used an app to lock the exposure and shutter speed of my iphone camera to try and get as fair a comparison as possible. Here are the results; Conclusion: I'm very happy with them. Hopefully you can tell from the photographs that the brightness is much increased, but the beam patterns has remained identical to the OEM bulbs. The only downside is the cost. They were £137 which quite frankly is a ridiculous amount of money to pay for the some headlight bulbs. Can you put a price on being able to see where you're going though?😁
  10. I wouldn’t worry about looks, you can’t see them when you’re driving the car can you. 🙂 (and they still look better than my track exhaust add-on!)
  11. Hard to think what colour would look good on the calipers without knowing the car colour. I do think yellow looks good on black, green or blue cars. What is the logo choice between? AP Racing or Lotus? Or a custom Logo? I’ve always preferred to see AP Racing / Brembo on brakes than the manufacturer. It just instantly screams ‘decent brakes’ to me. Although perhaps that stems from having a couple of BMW M3’s that just had an \\\M logo on the brakes…and were crap.
  12. Just finished watching the video. Fair play for managing to do all that in a garage so small. I’d be getting so frustrated at the lack of space. (which is why I decided I’d never even bother trying to even get a car inside my garage)
  13. The exhaust is working well so far. No issues at all, and it’s proved to be effective at Snetterton and Donington. I’m at Cadwell in a couple of weeks so we’ll see if it does the job there as well. If it works at Cadwell too, then I’d also be confident if I tried Silverstone. Brands Hatch could be borderline? And I imagine Bedford might be a struggle.
  14. Another video, this time following Viren in his Exige 350.
  15. The AIM MX2E records two brake channels that can used. ECU_BRAKE_SW# and ECU_BRK_LIGHT#
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