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  1. Last week I decided to start booking my 2022 track days. I'm really missing doing them, so I've decided to book a couple of days early in the year and risk the weather. I've got Snetterton on 28th Feb, and Bedford on 21st march. If the weather is really bad it's not the end of the world as the trackdays are cheap that time of year. With that in mind, I needed to do a couple of quick jobs. 1) Replace the rear pads, and give the rear discs a bit of a clean while I'm at it. As well as the disc needing a bit of a clean, the drum area was a bit corroded After a quick honing and wire brushing Discs refitted with new pads. 2) The other thing I wanted to do was swap the wheels over from left to right. The left tyres wear more quickly as most tracks are clockwise, so I wanted to even things up a bit to maximise tyre life. The problem with the Exige, is that doing this is actually a bit of a pain. Because the centre jacking point lifts the entire side of the car up, you effectively will end up with all four wheels in the air once and the car 'balancing'. To get around this, I purchased a set of hub stands so that I can lower one side back to the ground without the wheels on it. Getting all four wheels off at once is now quick and easy. The stands should easily take the weight of the car, but I did keep my second jack there to take some of the load as a precaution.
  2. @Brendonian I just checked my photos from the install, and I’m 99.9% certain that it doesn’t matter as the LED is dead centre. 👍
  3. @Brendonian Yep, the blade just needs to be as vertical as possible so the leds are facing left/right rather than up/down. As far as I’m aware the leds are perfectly central, so it doesn’t matter which side is ‘top’, if that makes sense.
  4. I'm afraid I can't remember what size it is. Maybe 2mm or 3mm? It's a good excuse to buy a nice allen key set!
  5. There is a small allen headed screw either side of the bulb, which locates in the plastic 'teeth' around the holder. Use a small allen key to screw those inwards, and you will be able to rotate the bulb in relation to the holder. Because of the way the teeth align, you won't get perfectly 90 degrees rotation, but its close enough.
  6. In theory it should be the same, as long as the 3rd party exhaust is valved in the same way and simply connects to the existing vacuum pipe and remains controlled by the standard ECU.
  7. I definitely don't have all the knowledge! I've just picked most things up from others on this forum really. There's a few other simple things I've done, but they're not necessarily things others would want to do. My full 'project' thread is here if you want to see everything I've personally done:
  8. Yeah, it probably saves a little bit of time compared to adding the data overlay to the GoPro footage in a separate software package. On the downside, the AIM software I assume is a bit more 'serious' and doesn't offer as many customisation options for the display as a package like RaceRender3. That makes sense obviously, as the AIM software is designed primarily for reviewing your laps immediately, seeing the data on the video, and being able to make improvements. If you're just doing some videos once you get home to share on Youtube and for your own memories, a package like Racerender3 may be better.
  9. I know it's nice having an all-in-one system, but personally I'd find paying £1000 for a Smartycam with 1280x720 pixels @ 30 fps quite hard to swallow when you can get a GoPro that does 4K @ 60fps with better picture quality for around £250. I know the Smartycam is tough (and that's probably needed when it's mounted on the external roll bar of a Caterham or Radical), but the inside of an Elise / Exige is quite a mild environment.
  10. I got mine from the Deroure site (Bell and Colvill). But I assume all of these places simply obtain them as a package to sell on rather than put the nut and o-ring in separately themselves? Maybe something has changed at the supply end. Cost cutting? Some parts running out?
  11. As well as the nut, there should also be a little black rubber o-ring. You can see it in my photo. It's not really important, but it should go on the outside between the switch and the cowling.
  12. Obviously there is no clear definition of a supercar so such conversations will always be subjective. To me personally though, the Exige is very clearly in the sportscar camp. Its main focus is driving pleasure, with very little relative thought given to the interior or comfort. A modern supercar tends to be big, wide, powerful but also has quite a luxurious interior. This means most supercars are 1500kg+ Because of this, sports cars are sometimes quicker around a track than supercars. Hence the term 'supercar slayer'. That's where the Exige sits for me. A true sports car that can chase supercars on track.
  13. For info, so far my standard exhaust 410 couple with my home made add-on track day silencer has been fine at Snetterton, Donington and Cadwell Park.
  14. I think the first thing I'd be doing is e-mailing Larini (or elise-shop) and asking them if they have any data for noise levels with the valve closed and open. It may be that 'quiet' mode isn't much quieter than standard, and 'loud' mode is even louder! Making an Exige track day friendly is quite a big thing, so you think they'd be a making a point of it in their sales blurb. The other option you've got is to just use an add-on silencer for track days, although you'll still be too loud for some circuits.
  15. I think that's a great set of mods, nicely done. And for the record, I agree about the rear lights being better on the 350. I actually wish my 410 had the twin rear lights like yours.
  16. Another option if you frequently want to swap wheels side to side (or get all four wheels off the car for whatever reason) is to get some hub stands. One pair is enough as you can obviously lower that side of the car back down on the stands and then jack up the other side to take off the remaining two wheels.
  17. When you say 'you've got one out', do you mean a single LED in the ring of LED's has failed? Or that the whole lot have stopped working? Either way, at that age I'd be expecting the dealer to just fit a whole new unit for you under warranty.
  18. Interesting. Maybe it's a legal requirement in other countries to have the passenger side working, but they didn't bother with the UK cars?
  19. Just thought to look at my photos. You can see here the plug for the drivers, but nothing for the passenger.
  20. Unless things have changed (or I'm getting confused), only the drivers side has a sensor for the seatbelt being done up. Because of that, it's not even got an occupancy sensor. Just a 'seat belt not done up' sensor. I'm 99.9% certain that when I took my seats out only one of them had wiring to it.
  21. Are you able to borrow an OBD reader off anybody that can display live values? That could give an indication to the problem. i.e. If the reading is flicking around between unrealistic values then it is more likely to be a sensor / wiring problem.
  22. This is worth a watch. Having watched that I think having PS4 one end and PS4S the other could result in some interesting handling. And a complete change of balance from wet to dry or hot to cold.
  23. Eddie has fitted these. Did it all himself. Looks to be good quality and easy enough to do if you are brave!
  24. Nope, no damage. I can put everything back to standard again if I wanted.
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