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  1. First modification carried out last night, albeit not a particularly exciting one. Having read all the horror stories about killing the lithium batteries and the care they need, I thought any help keeping an eye on it would be worth having. So I ordered one of these: Obviously very easy to connect, nothing more complicated than connecting to the positive and negative of the battery. (Although for ease of install, I didn't connect the positive directly onto the battery) Then download and connect to the app, and it immediately shows the battery level. It says it automatically connects and updates when you are in range. As well as the live data and a couple of tests, you can set alarms to initiate at two different battery levels.
  2. After posting in the 'Introductions' section, I thought I'd keep a diary of my car and any upgrades I do in this section. It's a 2019 Exige 410 Sport. Cyan Blue, with the interior colour coded pieces in yellow. It's got the Carbon Fibre seats, Carbon Roof and Lithium Battery. Collection day was long but exciting. When I arrived here, I'd never even seen a 410 sport in real life before, never mind seen or driven the car I'd actually just bought... The sales woman went to grab the car from where it was tucked away, and when she brought it round for me, even my mask was barely able to hide my smile... 0 I then had a fairly long and steady drive home, taking my time to get to know the car. Didn't want anything silly to happen straight after picking it up. Finally a few more pictures from when I got it home: I'm still waiting for my sensible 'daily driver' to be delivered, so the Exige had to be taken to work yesterday. Wasn't ideal when I stepped out of the front door to find ice/sleet on the car. As it turns out, the Cup 2 tyres seemed to grip surprisingly well in the cold conditions. Glad we didn't have any laying snow though...
  3. I must admit that part of decision making process for getting my 410 recently was that it shouldn’t hopefully lose much money in the next few years. (Although you can never really be sure)
  4. It’s the engineer in me, I can’t help it. It does make life easier when you can find a tool in 5 seconds instead of 5 minutes though!
  5. There's no chance it's going in the garage. When I moved in I had a choice between trying to make it a 'working' garage or a 'car storage' garage. I went for the former.
  6. You wouldn't happen to live in the Carlton Colville area would you? I sometimes run past a house with an Exige on the drive.
  7. Yep, it’s got the quick connector thing hanging in the boot with the leads connected to the battery. I better make sure I keep on top of the battery maintenance!
  8. Ah, cool. Thank you. I wonder if the dealership fitted it to return the car to original factory specification before selling it.
  9. Hi all, I picked up my new (to me) Exige 410 yesterday, and I've been getting to know the car a bit more today. I've already got a question for the collective knowledge of TLF... Whilst looking through the documentation, I found an invoice that say in December 2020 the previous owner had got fed up with battery issues, and had a normal Varta 72Ah battery fitted. (See invoice below) I thought this was fair enough, and wasn't too bothered one way or another. Today I thought I'd have a quick look in the battery compartment. And what I found is shown in the photo below. A quick bit of research suggests that this is a 'Super B' lithium battery. Is this the type of battery that Lotus fitted from the factory? I'm struggling to understand why my car has this fitted, when only 5 months ago the owner paid to have a normal Varta installed. I haven't yet asked the supplying dealer if they know anything, but wondered what you guys thought?
  10. Ah, there's quite a few 'engineering type' people in Lowestoft who have worked at SLP at some point. Yeah, I did get some quotes off Shiply, but they were still around the £350 mark. I made the decision to go a collect in person. I'm off to collect tomorrow.
  11. Yeah, I’m sure many have been. They said delivery was only included up to 60 miles. To be honest, I was already happy with the price I was paying for the car and I genuinely believe it was likely to get snapped up by someone else if I didn’t get the deal done. I wasn’t going to risk losing it negotiating over delivery cost.
  12. Not really sure yet. It’s 200 miles away from where I live, so I need to decide if I collect or get it delivered. Waiting on a quote for delivery from the dealer at the moment.
  13. Well as an update to my original I’ve put down a deposit on a Cyan Blue Exige Sport 410. 😀
  14. I'd probably just try shorting the wires together with a paperclip in the connector. If it works, buy a switch for it.
  15. Arun_D's diagram is really useful. Looks like you can ignore green and pink as they are just for an LED in the switch. You just need to put a normal switch across black and white/blue wires.
  16. I believe the indicators are now in the middle area of the unit, rather than at the top.
  17. A friend just sent me this. Apologies if it’s already been posted elsewhere.
  18. There's this:
  19. Hi Vikz, Did you pull out of buying this car? It seems to have recently gone up for sale on Pistonheads. (Both as a Private advert and also through a dealer)
  20. Haha....that one is definitely a step too far.
  21. Hi all, I've been spending a bit of time on here recently, so thought I may as do a little introduction. I'm a life long car enthusiast, and I enjoy doing the odd track day. My previous car history went like this: BMW M3 (e36) BMW M3 (e46) - Modified with big brakes, coilovers, uprated ARB's. Made it a lot better on track, but not so good on the road. At that point I decided to get a BMW 320d for daily duties, and something a bit more suitable for track days: It was a 2008 Elise SC in Persian Blue. No mods required to make that better on track, although I did get a set of Team Dynamics wheels with wider front tyres for it... After 2 years of fun, I decided to go back to having a single 'all-rounder' car, as having two cars on my small driveway was a bit of a pain. (I kept upgrading my cars when I should have been upgrading my house!) I got a Porsche Cayman S, then an Audi R8, and then my current car which is a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. I did track days in all of them, but if I'm honest the expense was just too great, especially with the R8 and 911. They're fast, but heavy, and the tyres and brakes are consumed at a rate higher than my pay packet was comfortable with. I therefore haven't done a trackday for a little while now, and have been considering going back to a two car garage. Quite recently, my workplace has set up a salary sacrifice scheme for leasing electric cars. So that's what I've decided to do. I am now waiting for my very boring electric Peugeot e-2008 to be made and delivered. Once it's close to arriving, I can swap the 911 for a 'proper' weekend and track day fun car. Top of my list of possible options is a V6 Exige, hence lots of reading on this forum. I'd initially started looking at the early cars, then at the 350 Sports, and now I keep thinking that I should maybe just go all out with a 410 Sport and enjoy it while I can. Cheers, Paul.
  22. It's because DRL are actually quite bright (so that you can see them during the day when its sunny). If they stayed that bright when its dark, they could blind other road users. They dim when you turn on the lights for safety reasons.
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