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  1. Hi Jimmy, This is actually covered in the owners manual on page 51. Touring - Rev Limit 6600rpm Sport - Rev Limit 7000rpm Race - Rev Limit 7000rpm AND idle speed increased to 900rpm.
  2. That looks fantastic. Congratulations. (Also, 🤣 at the comment about you forgetting your height and dodgy knee)
  3. @Toqcars I do have gloves with me, but I think I actually prefer driving without them. If I feel my hands getting a bit sweaty then I put them on. As for the CUP2 tyres, I'm surprised. My fronts aren't even half worn yet, and I expect to get at least another 3 or 4 days out of the rears before they need replacing. Obviously if depends on the track surface and how hard you push. I try to go quite fast (within my limited talent) but I'm not really the sort of driver who is constantly sliding the rear end around. I stay in Race mode so I don't have lots of wheelspin.
  4. @El-RGB Thank you. Yep, it's actually still on the original CUP2 tyres from the factory. They've done 7000 miles and 7 track days now.
  5. Monday was a track day at Donington Park. I went once last year, so it's still a track I've got lots of learning to do on. I travelled up on Sunday night, and met up with a fellow owner who I'd never met in person before. Our two cars certainly stood out compared to the sea of silver, grey, and black that normally dominate the car parks. I woke up to a nice clear day, drove to the circuit and got the car into track mode. (i.e. I took off the number plate and got the tow straps / hook out) There was some very nice machinery there on Monday, including this Ferrari 458 race car. However, I think it was run by a company who rent it out for anyone to try, so the drivers weren't necessarily making the most of a race car on slicks. Luckily for me, this allowed me to have a fun couple of laps trying to keep up with it. I also saw a fairly bizarre incident where a misunderstanding led to one car pushing another off the circuit!
  6. Yep. Better to just accept it now. I try and keep the LOTUS writing on the supercharger cover nice, but I think even I’m going to give up on that, never mind the rest of it. 😂
  7. Another minor change finished off today. I saw a fair few posts in various places about people changing the rear view mirror for a smaller one. The OEM one is very big, and blocks an unnecessary amount of vision, especially if you are tall. If you look at it, only the middle part is actually reflecting anything useful. I saw some people who had bought a £10 mirror from Amazon, with the major benefit being it fitted onto the OEM mount. You just had to swap it across onto the ball. Unfortunately (as you can probably see) the mirror was very wide angled and I didn't like it. I definitely did like how much less space it took up though. I therefore thought I'd see if I could sacrifice the mirror and use the rear section with the ball mount. I got some scrap aluminium (from an old broken trolley jack and butchered it about a bit. The ball mount had to be spaced out a bit and the gaps filled and primed. Next I needed the mirror. The solution for this was a 4" x 2" inspection mirror which died for the cause. The whole lot was then masked and painted in satin black before being attached to the OEM mount. Refitted to the car and I can see everything I need to out of the rear as well as a lot more out of the front. The only downside is that the mirror can obviously no longer be dimmed, but for how often I drive in the dark this doesn't bother me too much.
  8. I did the Heritage tour yesterday, which is the factory tour plus a look around the Classic Team Lotus area at all the old race cars. The person who took me round (Guy) was incredibly knowledgeable about both parts, but especially the race cars. It was a very interesting experience, especially seeing in the person the evolution of the race cars through the era's. The factory tour was also good. It certainly gives the impression that the cars will be well built with decent Quality Assurance arrangements in place. Not that I'm going to get one, but the blue and yellow were my favourite colours. Yellow with a black roof would be my personal spec I think. They all looked great though. @Del Lardo There was not a chance to sit in a production spec car on my tour, but maybe this could have been accommodated if I'd asked.
  9. @Toqcars Did you change the fluid yourself, or get a somebody else to do it?
  10. @lotus_exig3 * Do they need to have a controller or decoder to avoid errors? The Philips ones don't have any external boxes or controllers. And no error codes. I'm not sure about other ones you've mentioned. * Need to purchase a new dust caps? About 85mm? Yes, 85mm. Like these:|tkp%3ABFBM3KP58oZg * Is recommended to change the Hi Beam too? That's personal preference. I didn't bother. The main beam is a different type of light (reflector type) so I don't know how well the LED would work in that. With the install * Should I remove the front wheels for easier panel access? I did, yes. It just made life easier. * Should the car be jacked up? You could see what access is like by just jacking up and turning the wheel. If it's still difficult, then just take the wheel off. * Does the car battery need to be undone? No. You'll just be unplugging the connector. * The bulb needs to be aligned to an straight angle at 3 and 9 o'çlock? The bulb should be aligned so that the light comes out of it at 6 and 9. i.e. light goes out sideways, not up and down. * Are they just a simple plug and play? Yes, except for the fact that I needed to adjust the bulb so that it was aligned as above. It's designed to do this. There are instructions with it. * The new Dust caps just goes enclose on top of the new LED? Yes. * Any additional tools I would need? No, I don't think so.
  11. You’ll be fine. You haven’t done anything that will make the exhaust less compliant with regards to emissions. All you’ve done is fitted a silencer which is more noise compliant. 👍🏼
  12. With regards to insurance, as Kenny says it will vary significantly by personal circumstances, but... I am with Classicline on my Exige 410. Covered for 5000 miles a year. Policy includes cover for 6 track days with anyone, and an unlimited amount if they are organised through a club such as Lotus-On-Track. The cost is £811 per year.
  13. @Toqcars I’ve just weighed it using some luggage scales. It shows the total weight as being 3.3kg.
  14. @Toqcars I’ll give it a weigh for you tomorrow mate. 👍🏼
  15. I still can’t believe that this was never a customisable option on the display. Even if there were just two options, with the ability to select 7250rpm as the alternative. In digital mode there’s a huge portion of the screen unused in the V6 cars.
  16. It did cross my mind. I sat they pulling the strap at different angles to see how much force it might apply. I came to the conclusion that it would probably be ok assuming that they weren’t try to use it at a very extreme angle.
  17. @XZG420 I made the engineering decision that both right hand bolts (when looking from the rear) and the bottom left hand bolt would be sufficient. I gave up trying to get the top left hand bolt in, as it was looking like it was going to start raining. I may or may not try again at some point. If the car is in such a state that it needs to be pulled with enough force to break that fixing arrangement then it's probably completely shagged anyway!
  18. Looking at the wiring diagram, if the reverse lights are working then I would say either the buzzer or the reverse sensor module must be faulty. (Unless a single sensor failure causes the whole system to just remain silent) The same 12v supply is fed to both the reverse light and the sensor module when reverse is selected, so if the lights have power, so do the reversing sensors. The only other connections on the reversing module are the 4 sensor inputs, and the buzzer output.
  19. Do the reverse lights come on? (Just trying to narrow it down - does the car know it's in reverse?)
  20. Congratulations on the purchase. Such a great colour. I look forward to reading your updates and thoughts. 🙂
  21. That's easy - buy whichever colour you like the look of best. 🙂 Maintenance will be the same, it's not like either is a matte or 'frozen' colour.
  22. @toqcars I'll be honest, I'm sure if I'm a good enough driver to accurately comment on how badly the car is understeering. I will give my opinion, but please don't consider it to be definitive. A better driver may drive my car and think completely differently. In slower hairpin corners there is a fair amount of understeer, but then to be honest I've found that in most cars I've owned. It may be the way I approach those types of corners. In the medium to fast corners the car to me seems fairly balanced, and depending on my inputs it may well be the rear that loses grip first rather than the front.
  23. Just for info, the 410's do also come with the 3mm spacer screwed to the rear wheels.
  24. @Toqcars Yep, my memory was correct for a change.
  25. @toqcars Your rear camber setting sounds a bit low. I'm at work so can't check, but I thought even the standard OEM setting was something like 2°15m. I'm sure that's what mine is, and my rear tyre wear is pretty even I think.
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