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  1. I've just had the Evora freshened up at the front, ridding the car of the stone chipped front bumper. Sprayed at M-Tech in St.Leonards-On-Sea. I think they've done a wonderful job and it's back to looking immaculate. I got a couple of lucky shots also just as the sun was setting, showing off what an amazing colour burnt orange is ❤️
  2. Soz...back to normal service A nice turnout at a local car show, no Evora's this year here's one of mine
  3. The sport button on the S1 Evora and Evora S certainly does affect the traction control, and allows a little bit more slip than normal, but it not fully off. "The Sport Mode selector button is provided to deliver quicker throttle response, increased power induced wheel slip-page thresholds, no throttle reduction on detection of understeer,and a maximum continuous engine speed raised from 6,600 to 7,000 rpm."
  4. When do we think the number of Emiras will exceed 6000 then? Or has it already happened?
  5. Congrats, I really like that colour!
  6. Sorry I was talking about the fact the Tesla Model Y is the best selling car in the world at the moment
  7. The Majority of the Tesla Model Y sales were in China, so its skewing the figures somewhat. The best selling car in Europe in 2023 so far is the Dacia Sandero, and in the US a Ford pickup unsurprisingly. The Model Y is a close second in both instances though...
  8. There are some strong prices of 2018/19 410s from Sussex Lotus....not far off Emira prices really!
  9. Looks a little small for an Evija. New EV only Elise?
  10. I just found out my previous car, a lovely 2008 Elise was written off recently 😢 It was a lovely car.
  11. Three of mine sunning themselves
  12. From that angle, they look spot on 😍
  13. And thanks from me too to Bibs for organising and Russell for judging! I'm now feeling a very proud Evora owner 🤩
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