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  1. @Lex Templar, I received my certificate today, yes it was a white car with Brown leather from the factory. Now I’m going to have to figure out what colour brown it is for the retrim. I have attached the bottom of the page from Andy.
  2. I haven’t had a good look yet but how hard are the Panasonic roof radios to remove? I think mine will require a refurbishment as it’s been sitting for 10 years in a more hostile environment.
  3. Thank you @Lex Templar I will post in restorations and judging how much help everyone here is willing to provide I should get all my questions answered. I will let you know the original interior colour once I receive the certificate.
  4. Good morning @Lex Templar is there a guide somewhere that will explain what needs to be removed to allow the body to be separated from the frame or is it easy enough to figure out as I go? I will be removing the dash as it will be retrimed but is there anything that I need to watch out for? Regards, Glen
  5. @Lex Templar was the body removed from the frame before painting this car?
  6. Good morning @Lex Templar No I found out yesterday that the dealer has not submitted it yet even though I have already paid. I think it is his first time as he forgot that there was a form to be filled out. Just finished it and emailed back to him.
  7. Thank you @RichardJGC this group is a wealth of knowledge and a real life saver for me! Thank you @TAR as a new comer to the brand your support is greatly appreciated!
  8. I have a newbie question about headlight covers. I found two left side black covers but they are different. Can you tell me from the pictures what one would be correct for my car and where the heck I might find the matching right side cover? thanks in advance, Glen
  9. Thank you, might have to try and persuade you if I can’t locate the originals. @dr_jayhart
  10. I will see if the car coming from Kuwait is 10310, there were a lot of cars moved from Bahrain up to Kuwait from what I hear.
  11. The interior it really rough and missing the original steering wheel. I have a parts car coming from Kuwait that was a front end hit, I will update with the chassis number when it arrives in the next week. @Lex Templar I will let you know once I get the certificate @Lex Templar
  12. Engine yes wheels no but will try to track down the wheels, only think it’s had two or three other owners so will try to track backwards.
  13. This car is SCC082910AHH10309 engine CD910801118844 Originally L25 white. Imported to Abu Dhabi. interior looks to be brown with the roof radio. just requested the certificate of provenance yesterday from the local Lotus dealer. Currently located in Bahrain and is in my garage for a complete restoration. just joined the group and will be looking for advice. cheers Glen
  14. A quick question, we’re all 100 Essex blue with the silver and red stripes?
  15. Ok thank you, I had read someplace that since the Blue Essex paint style wasn’t selling they made a few more Essex models in white, red and bronze. it does have the roof mounted Panasonic radio/ cassette and equalizer and the leather interior that’s why I thought it might be one of the later Essex. yes you are correct, it was sold in Abu Dhabi and later imported to Bahrain where I bought it. would you happen to know why it has the four bolt hubs as all of the other Turbos I have seen are five bolt?
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