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  1. I considered them but I was told they wear fast and they weren't needed.
  2. You can see my build thread there. Im close to having all the necessary parts. All the unobtainium made parts are in my hands. I just need to fab the exhaust, access panel, and axle carrier. I hope there would be an ac bracket prototype by then. Frankenstienmotorworks makes most of the swap parts.
  3. It won't allow me to upload anymore pictures. Max total size. I just received the billet cams today, I'd show some pics but I'm being blocked from doing so.
  4. Another 2gr mr2 owner has had an 8k rpm motor for a while now with no problems. I don't think I'll be spitting rockers so we will see. I'm using new OEM exhaust valves only bc I didn't find a cost effective alternative.
  5. I was never interested in working on cars until I blew the 1st motor. These motors are pretty easy to work on if you have the shop manual and have the right tools. I learned all this stuff from google and online forums. I'm going to probably run with a reflashed ecu with the billet cams to break it in. Frankensteinmotorworks can reflash toyota ecu's to run different set ups. If not, I'm going to use a Link G4 Fury X.
  6. Thanks! I hope to have it finished soon. I'm hoping to have it with working a/c too. Max 8k rpm but I'll most likely keep it under 7500, 99% of the time. This is what the engineer said about the springs, "With this camshaft i would say that the rpm range will be 3500-4000 rpm to 7500-8000 rpm. With the springs the limit is 8000 rpm we also have gold springs pac-s10015 same specs but for higher rpms so 8000rpm and up." Not sure about the weight, I think 30grams. They're Lexus part #13711-38050 about $14 each. Catcams said I didn't need titanium retainers so all the OEM 2gr stuff works, IE keepers, seats, retainers, etc. I went with the cheapest online vendor, for the lexus parts and mcgeorge toyota for the OEM toyota stuff. I buy only a few things here and there from MWR. I'm looking for denso 550cc injectors for the 2gr at the moment.
  7. my 2gr is NA. Catcams uses stock retainers and pac springs. I'm using Lexus ISF titanium intake valves and did a minor port/polish on the head/lower intake manifold. I'm doing it in a spyder w/eb60 gearbox, so no way I can fit a supercharger. EFR 7170 would fit.
  8. I found it pretty difficult to find cams in general for the 2gr that weren't regrinds. Mark me down as one of those mr2 guys. I ended up getting the catcams hot street cams.
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