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  1. I think I will go for the fast road spec as worried about being to stuff for road use and bumpier tracks. The interia switch thing sounds worrying… is he sure it was due to Nitrons? Where is it on a 400? My quick google only showed me on the Elise.
  2. Hi @dogtag114 are you moving from stock 400 dampers straight to the Nitron club sports? Did you go for the standard club sport spring rates from the Nitron website? I'll be keen to hear what you think about it on road and track when you have it finished 😃
  3. @#84 thanks for the info. From what I’ve been told the only options for Evora from Nitron is the 1 way adjustable. Do you believe there are 3 way currently available? The Clonk issue really concerns me…. Especially any idea about loss of any “control” due to it happening.
  4. 👋🏼 Hello from one of the other black 410 owners 😁 I have just put new cup 2s on mine so shall not be trying off-roading 😂
  5. Yes, the cert will tell you which number your car is out of the 27 UK cars (including the two GPs). It only mentions the UK cars though. I got my cert just before Xmas it’s very interesting.
  6. This is my dilemma as well…. I really want the Ohlins but it’s can’t figure out if the price difference is worth it for my ability/use. Thank you for the advice. It sounds like yours are a custom spec - but from what you say it sounds like they would be closer to the “clubsport” rather than “fast road” default configs? I had read about the “clonk” which worried me a bit. Seems like you can live with it though.
  7. Great idea. Let us know if you need a hand! Is the plan to do one post for each car with spec + a few photos?
  8. @Bruss thanks - do you know if you went closer to the “fast road” or “clubsport” spring ratings for your road car? Just trying to get a sense how close you can go to clubsport spec and keep it usable as a weekend use road car.
  9. @jep I am running the stock mapping still. Considering a replacement ECU with new map etc at some point, but not yet I have a 2bular QP track exhaust with carbon tips installed to get me on UK tracks. (I now hit 98db in noise tests). Other than that I’ve fitted a harness bar and also replacement seat mounts for the drivers side to make it more comfortable/give me more head room with a helmet on. So to answer your question - I’ve found the stock engine mapping on track good. You have to keep the engine in the right power band to get the most out of it obviously but I have never felt it lacks power. I drive it in “sport” (after I’ve done a few warm up laps) and do try and rev it out. I have heard 2nd hand the GT430 mapping is “better” (not just because of the different bhp) but I’ve never had chance to drive a GT430. Here’s a lap of me at Castle Combe from last year. I have since got a new GoPro + ODB2 reader etc so I can do overlays on track footage this year. Do you plan on doing track days this year?
  10. Hi all Looking for anyone who’s got experience or advice relating to Nitrons on Evora 4XXs (ideally Sport 410s) I am thinking of putting a set of Nitron NTRs onto my Sport 410 to replace the stock setup. I do quite a bit of track driving but am thinking of going for the Fast Road versions of the NTRs as I do use the car on the road as well so don’t want full “track only” setup. If anyone has used these on their Evora or knows someone that has, let me know please I would like to go for the Ohlins off the GT430 but I can’t justify it for a new set and have not found anyone selling a set of good condition refurb ones… (if anyone knows someone who has come let me know) Cheers James
  11. Evening all @jep I was going to do the same last year, but never got around to it. I would be glad to help you make it happen though I’ve got #7 of the RHD manual cars. It is #1 of 4 for the production (not press) cars in Black. I got my certificate from Lotus in December and happy to share more details to help with your Sport 410 database!
  12. For anyone that wants to see a lap… The cars go a lot more to give, still getting used to it on track. Oh and I need some new rears which are going on next week 😀 but that’s just an excuse they were still great.
  13. Another day on track at Castle Combe in my 410 Sport yesterday (in the sun). @C8RKH the seat belt end did the trick with the seat belt reminder noise 👍🏼 The SSC harness bar is a great addition, I’d struggle to drive the car on track fast without it now. Some pics attached.
  14. Perfect thanks! open a beer AFTER you’ve got home from the track as well!
  15. Didn’t fancy sitting on the seat belt, in pretty tight with the harness. Old seat belt good idea though 😀
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