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  1. For anyone that wants to see a lap… The cars go a lot more to give, still getting used to it on track. Oh and I need some new rears which are going on next week 😀 but that’s just an excuse they were still great.
  2. Another day on track at Castle Combe in my 410 Sport yesterday (in the sun). @C8RKH the seat belt end did the trick with the seat belt reminder noise 👍🏼 The SSC harness bar is a great addition, I’d struggle to drive the car on track fast without it now. Some pics attached.
  3. Perfect thanks! open a beer AFTER you’ve got home from the track as well!
  4. Didn’t fancy sitting on the seat belt, in pretty tight with the harness. Old seat belt good idea though 😀
  5. Very happy with it. The shipping costs to the UK make it a bit of an expensive item, but from my understanding it’s the only currently available option that you can buy. The guys at SSC chatted to me extensively about it. Took about 10 days to get to me due to some COVID delays with TNT. I got south west lotus centre to fit, they did a top notch job. They did say it was a bit of a long job to fit (not the “30 mins” implied by some people), they had to take the seats out etc. I don’t know the full details but unless you are handy with tools I’d suggest getting a Lotus garage to fit. Especially because it’s a safety item! It is 100% designed to fit the 2+0 config though. Just make sure you mention that to SSC when you order in case there is any variation in what they put in the box. I can still use my normal seat belt for road. The seat belt warning alarm goes off when you first go on track without the seat belt on, but after awhile it stops and by then your making so much noise I couldn’t hear it anyway. Maybe a way to get that turned off I will ask the guys the next time it goes in for work.
  6. I bought my 410 Sport with purpose of doing track days. Delayed due to COVID but managed to get to Silverstone last week which was a great day. Car did great, far above my current driving ability at Silverstone. I have fitted the SSC Harness bar and a QP 2Bular exhaust to it. So no sound issues or need to lift and the harness always makes me feel much more connected to the car. I’ve got a seat tilt bracket coming from SSC to tilt the carbon seat back, I have got used to it on the road but having tracked it I think the tilt will really help. Got two days @ Castle Coombe coming up in July.
  7. Congratulations on the car. I’ve got one of the black 410 Sports. I love the Yellow and would personally keep the black stickers I think it looks cool and original 😄 I have just done my first track day in mine @ Silverstone. Car did great.
  8. Not really sure yet... take them off so we can have a proper look and maybe take the pads out if we have to.
  9. @au-yt yes I did that (drive after wash) and it still did it friends going to help me take the wheels off tomorrow so fingers crossed we get them to release. Then have to get someone to take a proper look. Bit of a pain!
  10. @RHDV8Yea it’s hard to know if the cover is making it worse with the evidence so far.... but got a feeling maybe it is making it worse as unless it’s just coincidence this is the worst time and longest it’s been under the cover. @exeterjeep I guess it’s good to know at least other people have had the same thing. Main issue at the moment is how to get them off now.... when you say brute force... what have you done before to get them to release? Good advice on the rocking, will try that next time. Bad timing with it being outside at all, my garage is out of action at moment due to home renovation project delayed due to COVID.
  11. Hi all Any up to date advice on this topic. Even leaving the hand brake off and never touching the brakes when I come to final rest, I still get the brakes sticking on. It’s outside under a cover and was dry when I last put the cover on. they are stuck so good at the moment having sat for 7 days I can’t even “drive through” to unstick them. Going to take wheels off tomorrow worst case and take a proper look at what’s going on but any advice appreciated. Standard 410 Sport pads and discs.
  12. Good idea. I will make a post later hope we can get a good few registered. There’s about 4 or 5 for sale I can add in as place holders for those cars.
  13. Just zoomed in on your photo and can see the D 😀 Did you get a garage to fit or is it easy enough to do it yourself?
  14. Yea looks a great option. is that the Alpine iLX-720D (D on end)? Just trying to see how much they are these days but seems a few variations. Does it work with DAB? (Seems to from your photo) I think (need to check) mines got the sub.
  15. Well it was worth the money IMO! As there are so few of them I’d love to try and get a list of all the cars and their colour combos etc. Sad I know 😂 I only realised there are two variations of the yellow inside after I got mine. Mines yellow stitch but dark grey on gear stick area and door handles. Love both variations. All personal preference I know. I agree on the carbon seats, still loving them myself. And they look so cool on the side with the exposed carbon 🤤🤤 Could you let me know the model/spec of the head unit you’ve got, was that one of the aftermarket upgrades or because yours was a 2019 car did you get it from factory like that? Mine doesn’t have car play but it does have Bluetooth so that’s fine for me at the moment. To be honest I just leave the valve open and love to hear the engine. My other car is a Range Rover so when I take the Evora out I want to get fully into the Lotus experience. But as I use it more in the summer I guess car play would be nice to have.
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