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  1. thanks for the reply Bibs , i would love to chat to a gt3 owner or any one who has had a later model esprit , as an esprit virgin i have read a lot but never really heard it from the horses mouth !! ive only ever seen 2 esprit in nz, managed to get a short ride in one and i was hooked but that was years ago... i have seen the offerings on the uk sports cars in kent site, who seem to be reputable , esprits seem to be increasing in value at a rapid rate , do owners advertise cars on this site ?, am i right in thinking at the moment as the uk is in lock down no one is supposed to be traveling unnecessarily ? . regards john g
  2. Hi folks , as im in new zealand its a bit tricky to get a serious handle on what represents a fair value for a good gt3 , which we would like to bring to nz ,would love a heads up from some of the "locals" and maybe a pointer as to whos a trust worth dealer as i will be off loading a pile of cash for something ive never seen to a guy ive never met !!! cheers john g n.z
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