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  1. Great car, I miss my old meggy great on road and track. LY a stunning colour too. Good work sir!
  2. Lovely car that and missed out on this first time buy a couple of days. Bit of a price hike in a couple of months but that’s probably what you have to pay for a low mileage clean car.
  3. Funny because when I enquired about that car he said it wouldn’t.
  4. One thing to bare in mind is the fact you hat car has stand alone management (ecu) which means you can’t read OBD faults as normal so essentially you could end up having to use ES motorsport for everything. Not a bad thing at all as they are ace, but not so great if you live miles away!!
  5. Well I bought an e92 M3 due to the engine and handling. I love it it’s fabulous but I still want an evora also as a weekend toy. I feel the 92 will start to climb in value already seeing nice once demand more money now as the seem to come in two flavours of shite or well cared for examples. I was also considering a Maserati gransport, again mainly for the engine, and I like the looks too. They seem to be pretty reliable also.
  6. Another NA car just come up and looks a Corker to be fair. If only it was not black (I can’t have another black car I need a change) I would be on my way to this one. It’s on eBay for sale at a lotus specialist.
  7. Yea lotus is deffo hitting the cool factor at the moment, great exposure for the run out models. Shame it’s taken till then for the same exposure.
  8. I was checking to see if I could Re mortgage the house 😂😂 really liked the spec and the price.
  9. That looks bloody lovely and as the guys say I feel there is a deal to be had there. The only stumbling block you may have is if they have had it that long they would have payed a fair bit for it most probably, so there will be a limit to what they can knock off it. To help you show them this, it’s a screen shot of the 400 that sold last week for £41k
  10. This is dealers trying to set the market price for these cars, I have seen this a lot with the V6 clips and Alfa GTA’s thing is though it doesn’t work and they never sell them. they have probably got a bit scared with that evora 400 at £40k that just sold which pretty much the same car. Now that sold in less than a week which shows that is was priced about right. Now there are no cheap ones about it’s a good opportunity to try raise the retail price, but in my experience they will just sit on the forecourt and not sell or take ages to sell.
  11. The colour combo was very nice indeed and it looked very tidy. As said not surprising it sold quickly.
  12. That is about the size of it, price them right and they will sell. Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay.
  13. That didn’t take long, it had been up since the weekend.
  14. Bargain evora 400 come up on autotrader. If only I could raise the funds. 6EQ&model=EVORA&page=2&make=LOTUS&include-delivery-option=on&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertClassification=standard
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