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  1. Went out with the wife for a pun lunch the other day and had a nice chap say nice lotus and asked a few questions about it, then later on another guy and his Mrs/partner etc ask if they could take some photos. Almost every time I am out in it someone asks about the car. It’s nice as people love the fact it’s a lotus and not a fezza or Porsche.
  2. Ha ha bloody fat fingers but you know what I mean. Lol that was supposed to be mine not mom. And Evora in the first quote.
  3. I think the NA cars have bottomed out now and will keep going north for a bit and probably firm up at £30k ish. S cars slightly more £35-40k. as for the 400’s they may take a knock to start with but think they will be a £60k car in the feature. All eve peas are going to be collectible mainly because, they look exotic, sound fantastic, drive very well and are cheap to run. The emira in my opinion will get people looking at evoras, and thinking yes the interior is not as good but it looks fab and has rear seats (sort of) I am keeping mom long term hopefully. Wish I did with my old intergrale and alpine a610, as they are all worth far more than what I paid for them.
  4. Yep that’s pretty much the spec. The interior is how it left the factory at lotus. the suspension set up is bloody excellent and come with a life time warranty. I need to compare it to a stock 400, but it does go like an absolute rocket. Much faster than my M3. condition wise it is genuinely immaculate and I couldn’t be happier with it.
  5. Well after owning my Evora for over 3 months now I thought it right for a little feedback. so I was on the hunt for a replacement for my Clio V6 and decided the lotus Evora fitted the bill. So I looked for a S1 car for ages and nothing took my fancy that didn’t sell after two days. It was at the time where evoras were selling by the hour if they were cheap. So I got talking to ES motorsport about their yellow S and then that one sold too but when talking to them they mentioned they had a customer thinking of selling his 400 to which I said to Dave and myself, no way I can’t afford it! Then he sent the spec and the pictures to which I was how much deposit do you need. I broke all the rules, didn’t even drive it but bought it on their recommendation. When I picked it up I was in love it is in stunning condition, but once on the move it absolutely flies and handles amazingly well. The drive home was truly awesome. after a few weeks some of the common Evora issues raised their head. Brake pedal switch failed and the airbag light has come on, all I have now fixed to the sum of £30. Apart from that it’s been all good, ever where I go I alway have people asking about it which is fun. the ohlins suspension is another level of good though really impressed especially the digital adjustment for the damping. The noise is great and it’s been good on file too. only things I will look to improve are the seat height or new seats altogether as they are too heigh for me. looking forward to going to a few lotus meets in the feature.
  6. Hughesy83

    Lotus Emira

    Saw it today at goodwood and oh my it’s definitely even better in the flesh! There are a few bits that are a bit disappointing on the interior and the whole care feels a bit mainstream. But I have to hand it to them it’s a corker looks fantastic. The price is frankly a bargain when compared to the new Maserati MC20 which was my favourite car of the day. one thing I did pick up on the door handle looked like it had broken on the passenger side and the salesman was trying his best to hide it.
  7. Hughesy83

    Lotus Emira

    It looks good and has a bit of Ferrari 458 Italia at the front. But as others have said I am not sure of the whole package, it looks a bit awkward in places and I just don’t think it will be raw enough to replace the exige and evora gt’s. maybe when I see it at goodwood I will change my mind however.
  8. What a corker, looks fantastic in that colour.
  9. Agreed the yellow car will probably have most boggles sorted now too. It looks fab and I love the colour.
  10. This is a bit of a rare evora it’s a GTS one of three built apparently.
  11. this one looks good value and in a cracking colour too.
  12. Looks mint though, love it in white. Looks super sharp, but yea a little steep for a private sale maybe.
  13. They have had loads of phone calls this week on that car too. If they are priced right they sell straight away, also nice spec cars go well too.
  14. They have had loads of phone calls this week on that car too. If they are priced right they sell straight away, also nice spec cars go well too.
  15. I too have put a deposit down on a evora at long long time can’t wait to get it now!!
  16. Jesus he is flying round the ring, as said he clearly knows the track well, but evora just looks so planted. Great watch.
  17. Yea that airbag cover needs work for sure, and it’s not a +2 which kills it for me. Otherwise it looks a nice car that, colour is great spec is good.
  18. Yea this was up for sale at £25k 6 months ago but has had new gearbox clutch done now I think. Looks a nice car that. The cars Will has up for sale look nice and are at realistic prices considering they are being sold at a dealer. I am torn on wether to go N/A or S at the moment.
  19. £30k for that car is not keenly priced the blue one on autotrader is a better bet. The aquamarine on has been reduced to £26k also.
  20. Great car, I miss my old meggy great on road and track. LY a stunning colour too. Good work sir!
  21. Lovely car that and missed out on this first time buy a couple of days. Bit of a price hike in a couple of months but that’s probably what you have to pay for a low mileage clean car.
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