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  1. Pulled the trigger a month ago and am absolutely over the moon!
  2. Thanks everybody for the feedback! I took the plunge a bit over a month ago and couldn't be happier!
  3. You couldn't be more wrong geographically speaking. Estonia.
  4. Hey everybody! It seems that buying a staggered set (16" front, 17" rear) of winter-proof wheels for an Elise is almost impossible. Does anyone have good recommendations, ideally based somewhere in Europe (and yes, that includes the Brits geographically as well )? I've already got tyres, just need the wheels. Thanks in advance!
  5. Pardon the ignorance but what's the issue with the cup holder? :D
  6. Greetings, hive mind! I feel like I have been on every single Lotus-related website in the world and couldn't find an answer, so here goes: I'm about to purchase a Lotus Elise S3 with Black Pack and Touring Pack. The Touring Pack consists of a couple of things including a cup holder. Question is: Where would that be in the cabin? Having seen some pictures online my impression was that it's looks something like this aftermarket solution: The only cup holder I can find is included in the the leather/plastic handbrake mould, right between the seats. Am I missing something... or is the Elise missing the proper cup holder that's supposed to be part of the Touring Pack? 🤔 Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey Bibs, I'll most likely get a Lotus Elise S3 with the base 1.6 engine in a week or two. Do you think your cover would fit my car? If yes, and if I end up buying the Elise, I'll happily take it. In the meantime, could you share some photos of its current state? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome and your thoughts on the topic! Funny you should mention UK speed limits are similar - it's just that I'm German but have been living abroad for the past 9 years and still haven't quite gotten over the loss of the German treasure that is the Autobahn. 😟 All in all thank you for your insights! One more question connected to that engine - would you happen to know whether the 1.6 is also affected by the 2012-2020 Fuel Injector Rail Recall? Will double-check with the dealer as well, but if you have some info on that - even better!
  9. Hi everyone! I've always wanted an Elise and finally I have the chance to get my hands on a low-mileage Elise 1.6 (136bhp) built in 2018. I did a bit of research and found out that this engine was discontinued in 2018. What I couldn't find out was why. Does anybody have any insight into this? I live in a country where the speed limit is mostly 90kph and occasionally 110kph, so I don't care for the added acceleration an Elise 220 would provide. I'd be really grateful for your thoughts! :)
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