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  1. Engine back from rebuild. Gas flowed head new values with double springs new wonser pistons rods , complete over haul , lightweight flywheel. Rebuild of super charger new bearings replace seals and oil.
  2. Been a while busy with another project engine at engine builders due back in two weeks painted rear subframe today . Complete car was dropped at paint shop . iam looking for a top class finish so a bit of time is being taken to get fibre glass smooth.
  3. Gor the front clam pulled off and pulled of the stone chip film . At some time the the calm was repainted and they painted up to the film leaving a edge . All going to the paint shop in the few weeks . Will get front cleaned and arms stripped for powder coating .
  4. The calipers where completely dissembled and new pistons and seals installed after painting. Piston key was got Elsie parts. not sure what powder coating was used as got a specialist firm to do them. same guy that done the exhaust coating. Was told it would peel or fade .
  5. Exhaust arrived back after getting ceramic coating in black . Also welded in new 200cell sports cat.
  6. Rear Brake callipers cleaned and powdered coated . They look sharp .
  7. We got the gold heat reflection material added to bulkhead and collected a rear arms from the blaster. Will need to tidy a few welds before getting coating applied. Painted fuel filter brackets and cleaned pipe work .need to order black silicon piping to replace any blue pipes.
  8. It’s around 3000km .we change the oil regularly and check for ant metal. Our 1st and 2nd gear problem was causedb by the previous driver if seq box driven correctly damaged will be minimal . It needs good sharp changes and flat shift set up correctly .
  9. gearbox finished casing cleaned. All gears checked had to change 1st and 2nd gears as the dog rings were worn and rounded.
  10. we are running a Honda sport ecu but are changing it to link to give us more options .
  11. Thanks mr P We got the garw dash fitted tonight easy fit but will some set up after engine and gearbox refitted . It looks good making it look more modern .
  12. We got the rear clam removed rear subframe and engine and and gearbox out and cleaned all the creased heat protection of the back of the engine yesterday Engine mounts were shot rear gearbox mount to subframe had ripped a tear in the rear subframe which will need Welding . exhaust had no filling and cat was empty leading to very tinny noise Rear Caliper bolts were loose leading to squeaks will post of this week exhaust for ceramic heat coating callipers ceramic coating . arms will be stripped and new bushes and ball joints and arms anodised coated . engine sent to track day performance for rebuild more info on that when engine is stripped. ‘gearbox will be stripped for and checked and chasing cleaned.
  13. My son and Me purchased this lotus Elsie s1 with exige body kit with at Honda k20 supercharged engine and quaif sequential gearbox a few months ago . After driving it for a while we came across a few issues. rattle in engine bay rough shift from first to second gear squealing rear brake callipers not a great paint job someone added protective film to front then I a future repair painted up to the film Exhaust extremely loud and very tinny noise. We plan to rebuild the car including rebuilding engine and gearbox increasing power add new link ecu with traction control launch control and flat shift tidy up interior graw dash and recover seats repaint front clam.
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