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  1. Hi Ramjet, Good question and thanks! Haven't taken very many so far but here's a couple 😁... hope that just attaching files will work: Brilliant car, just done a trip from Devon to Manchester, Cambridge and back and didn't miss a beat, did about 35mpg when cruising too... Discovered that lots of the fun roads over the Pennines are limited to 50 in the curvy bits... that was a disappointment!
  2. Done too, hope the results provide for an interesting project
  3. Name: Lotus Evora Click to view: Lotus Evora
  4. @Trebor_UK, brilliant - that's perfect thanks! The link to the photonic universe is very helpful too, probably easiest to buy a kit rather than shopping around... just need either a 12v plug to go into the socket in the boot, or a battery connector as you did.
  5. @Trebor_UK, thank you very much for this - just the practical experience that I needed... Do you have a switch in the circuit anywhere or just plug it into the car when you park up? (I'd read that the systems can be sensitive to the sequence of connections) - thanks!
  6. Hi @Bibs only a very short one today, in the dark around Axminster! So no, must be another one in the area!
  7. Thanks @BibsI’d read that and it’s way more sophisticated than I plan to be! however, it does give power ratings , which is very handy, thanks for the reminder, thanks also @exeterjeep!
  8. With the imminent arrival of my Evora, I'm thinking about how to ensure I don't have to go through some of the contortions some on here have had in the past to get access to a flat battery... I doubt I'll be leaving it in the garage for long but you never know what the weather will bring even down in Devon and so I'm wondering about getting a trickle charger set up... just in case. My garage doesn't yet have power and so I wondered if anyone had experience of using one of the newer solar panel chargers with a power adapter to plug into the socket in the boot... I understand that one is always live... Do they work? and if so, what sort of output should I be getting? They seem to range from 1.5W to 10W or so for this application... Thanks in advance!
  9. Great, I'll see if I can join up... 👍
  10. Thanks @EGTE, I certainly plan to come along, though seems a bit quiet on the regional forum... will keep an eye open!
  11. Hi @hatters - I was aware about the clutch issues (and will need to take a look to see if this one has had the insulation on the hydraulics!) but know that the car had the clutch done very early in its life so am feeling pretty comfortable about that. But the attitude of CN (as was) and Lotus sounds bad, that can't have been a great experience. Cheers...
  12. Thanks @Kimbers, I saw you were having to sell and can't imagine how that feels, given your personal connection. However I'm sure you'll be back once things have settled... Very excited, it's been a long time since the Esprit S1 was on my bedroom wall, though a bit nervous as my cars have previously all been based on the needs of the family or budget so this is very special (and a bit selfish but hey, the roof repairs can wait!).
  13. Thanks @exeterjeep, I certainly hope we have a mild winter! November may not be the ideal time to buy an Evora but it did happen to be the time when all the cards fell into place! My brother is down in deepest Cornwall (with a millennium Elise) so that sounds like a reasonable excuse for a drive already 😄
  14. Hi @Ba55uma, I was lucky... had popped in to Hendy Exeter to see the Emira and it was sitting outside having just been taken in part ex... It was never advertised as I put a deposit down within about 30 minutes of first sight. Having taken a look in the market to try to get some comparisons, I'm realising how rarely these become available, especially such a well looked after example.
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