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  1. I have the long box… just use 2nd and 3rd instead… 3rd goes to (ahem, theoretical of course) 115mph and is making a lovely noise by then 😁
  2. Ah yes, Saturday it is 😂 I’ll aim to get there by 10.30 or so, my brother is coming up from Cornwall in his S1Elise so it’s a good opportunity for a natter…
  3. Just back from a holiday in Australia. The whole idea of electric cars (outside of the main cities) is completely laughable. We hired a 'mystery car' at the start of the holiday to drive out of Sydney to a horse riding place (on the Putty Road - apart from the stupid speed limits, I wish I had the Evora for that drive, great fun!) - anyway, they tried to give us an electric car which thankfully we refused. When we got to the ranch, they were off grid and struggled to keep the place lit, never mind charging an EV... they had had several visitors stranded there who'd hoped to be able to recharge on site... We saw maybe a dozen EVs during the 3+ weeks that we were there... almost everything was a V8 utility vehicle with serious bush capability, often with a mad max caravan in tow and a boat on the roof! Properly petrol head country and I can't see that changing to any great extent until EVs are a great deal more practical and countries have a great deal more suitable infrastructure.
  4. Hi Keith, I wasn't aware of the changes at SW Lotus - have only used them to sort the broken front indicator so far and so don't know them personally... and no, I didn't expect them to be able to work on the car on Saturday - just to give me an expert opinion on whether it could realistically be fixed at a sensible price 🙂. I'll have to keep my chat with them a bit below the radar if Hendy are turning up as it was the radiator change that they did that resulted in the clam fitting being a bit off! What car is Russell getting next? He's only just got the 410! See you on Sunday
  5. See you there... will probably get there early as I want to have a quick chat about whether they could get my front bumper to fit properly! Huge gaps since the rad was changed back in Jan which our local dealer struggled to rectify...
  6. I was at the Bradfield Centre on Cambridge business park on Friday. Had just been telling a new American colleague about how rare Evoras are and walked out to find a black one (with Oyster interior) parked right outside the main entrance. I should have popped back in to try to find the owner but had to dash. Bet that’s the first time there have been two Evoras in that car park. GN10… are you on here?
  7. It would be worth checking if the a/c is working if you have a test drive. It’s useful and can be a pain to fix. otherwise just be aware that the transmission is always a bit noisy in 1st and 2nd and don’t worry about front tyres hopping on lots of lock in reverse. good luck, they are fab things!
  8. The chap I met on Tuesday was a big F1 fan and knew the company from its F1 history. He needed more of a grounding in the road cars but was a genuinely nice guy. When I asked about the new Emira colour samples he went off to find out, discovered that they had just been delivered and we went downstairs to take a look and to play on the huge configurator screen for a bit (though I wasn't offered anything from the bar down there 😞) . They need more interest in the showroom bit upstairs though... There's a ton of space for more than the two Eletres and an Emira that were up there... they should bring in a few oldies (no, I don't mean TLF members, I mean Elans, Esprits, maybe a couple of racecars etc!) to add interest. Felt like a work in progress, which is a shame given how long they have had to set this up. And why on earth was the Emira the v6 auto?? weird choice.
  9. Was in London today so popped into the fancy dealership opposite the Ritz. Nice enough staff, need to be given more in depth training on the company and a trip to the factory! I asked about the new colours and the samples had arrived today, I later heard that Exeter got theirs too. new blues are nice, though one is the blue equivalent of dark verdant… almost black inside the showroom… need to see it in sunlight!
  10. Despite having a V6 evora... which I love, that sounds pretty good on the track! Shame I had no clue at all what he generally thought of the car except when chatting at Hethel to the Brits...!
  11. Thanks for that @mayevora, I'll likely aim for the Sunday too in that case. I think it's been covered @exeterjeep, Parking is in a field but it was pretty smooth at the top end (certainly no issues for my n/a) and you could always come in the M100? Hope to see you there
  12. Looks as though my involvement may have spurred Mick into action for the SW group!
  13. Cool, hope to see you there Ian, which day are you going?😁👍, good luck with your negotiations Mike! the booking form is here: and the discount code is ‘clubpackagelotus Pass the word around, it would be good to get a decent group there
  14. Hi all, I contacted Wiscombe Park as I was keen to go along to the British Championship weekend and have been asked to see how much interest there might be by the organisers... If it looks as though a few Lotus will be coming along (either day I suppose, unless there's a strong preference?) they will provide a discounted booking link that takes the admission price to £11 (plus £1 more for the programme). Under 14s are free and it's a typically friendly open paddock hill climb event, with food etc. available. So, is anyone interested in coming along? Particularly calling the locals that I know... @mayevora, @exeterjeep, @MPx, @EGTE... Please comment and edit this to add the booking link once it's available Hope to see you there (no idea what day I'll go yet.. may end up depending on the weather!) Cheers, Mark Wiscombe - Promo brochure 2023 V1.pdf
  15. The red 2010 NA car in Lyme Regis has just popped up on pistonheads again, looks like a real bargain for someone…. £22k!
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