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  1. It would still seem that Lotus are slowly working through some sort of re-manufacturing process with the latches and sending them out on a strict 'in the sequence in which they were ordered' approach... mines still a few weeks away! Unsurprisingly, having read the Emira communications thread, Lotus aren't covering themselves in glory in keeping their dealers up to date on what's going on...
  2. Thanks for the heads-up @Tim K., I'll ask Hendy to check again - this would be good as the car is going in to have a/c looked at on Monday!
  3. @MPx, wow, that’s a very generous offer… pm sent!
  4. @exeterjeep - could you let me know who you used for car transport locally? I may have just bought an Elan +2 that's not quite roadworthy and need to get it from Salisbury way to East Devon...
  5. Hi @jep, yes, mine is at 65k and growing regularly! I got in touch as he lives close to me in Lyme and I hadn't seen the car about. He's not had it long and isn't specifically an enthusiast, though loves the car... just family stuff requiring a sale as far as I can tell. It will be interesting to see how quickly it sells, though as you say I have no intentions of selling either. I also have no intentions of keeping the mileage down, what's the point of that? 😉
  6. Quick note from me to say thanks to @Bibs for the arrangements, it was great to meet you (and of course the other TLFers and other Lotus club members) in person. Special thanks to @mayevora for our entertaining convoy drives to and from Devon, hope your back's feeling better!
  7. Good to meet you Phil, it was great to get the three cars together and spot the differences over their 12 or so years... It was a good day out!
  8. Thanks @Rambo and @hamza - I'd appreciate any branding / codes etc that will help (wish I'd received a box of useful bits when I got mine!)
  9. Hi all, I picked up a small chip in a wheel rim on the way to/from LITP over the weekend. As the wheels otherwise look perfect, I wondered if there's a recommended approach to a bit of a tidy-up? The wheels are in Anthracite so if anyone has a paint code for this (assuming a touch-up is feasible), I'd really appreciate it Cheers, Mark
  10. I’ll be there for the Sunday from the breakfast meeting point up to Chatsworth only as we are staying with the in-laws and will be coming across from Chester (and decided to come too late to join a run anyway). really looking forward to my first big Lotus gathering . will be in an Aquamarine / Oyster Evora n/a… hope to meet a few of you there!
  11. Hi @IranB, I can't help on your item 2 as mine didn't fail in this way and I can still open and close the door with the handles, lock with the key etc.... However on the availability question.... some have been lucky enough to obtain parts recently as Lotus have commissioned a batch... but they don't seem to have ordered enough, or haven't resourced the build of the complete latch sets, or there are supply chain issues, or.... or.... Bottom line is that despite being told that latches would be available several weeks ago, my dealer is now being told that it will be another couple of months for LHS latches to become available (apparently they have a few RHS in stock, or did a week or so back when @Bibs was kind enough to ask what the F*%£ was going on at the factory!) I think I removed fuse C12 (3A) to stop my battery draining from the interior lights being on, which resulted in the car thinking that both doors are permanently open... but I can still manually lock them and the battery doesn't now drain so it's still very usable.
  12. Sorry to hear that @Relic222… it’s a good job that these cars are so great to drive that these issues can be put into proportion… but it’s still annoying!
  13. @Relic222… I hope your lock has started to behave itself again… I’ve just been told by Hendy’s that it’s going to be another 8-10 weeks for mine to arrive… at this rate it will be out of the 12 month warranty by the time the part comes in. flabbergasted!
  14. OMG! If that's really the cause, that is an appalling bit of bad timing. Looking on the bright side, at least they have the parts available...!
  15. Sorry to miss you @DaveC72 - I live just a couple of miles from Axminster! If you are across here again at some stage, let me know as it would be nice to say hello in person!
  16. Thanks @exeterjeep, booked in in a couple of weeks… hopefully they will have the part by then! Don’t suppose you are heading out to the Bearslake Inn tonight? (LDC / club Lotus evening out)
  17. That’s great to hear @Relic222, no news from Hendy’s here on the part for mine but the car is still booked in later in the month.
  18. New pistonheads advert… maybe an LE? 2009 ref but ad. days 2010…. Another with very low mileage. Looks lovely:
  19. Ah! Thanks @Bibs that sort of makes sense... but if it's a part that comes from another manufacturer, why has there been a 2 year wait for availability? Not that it makes any actual difference to the eventual outcome but I would be very interested to know the details behind this saga! Cheers...
  20. Update on the door latch situation.... I had my car booked in for next Monday as my dealer had been expecting the latch to be shipped yesterday. Apparently, the latches have reached Lotus but they 'have to modify them' which apparently they are doing in batches and it will be another 2-3 weeks for mine. I've re-booked for a months time! How can the factory have to re-engineer a new part?? I'd have expected any re-work to remove failure points would have been dealt with when they commissioned the batch... @Bibs (sorry to keep asking on this!) can you find out any more about what's going on... seems very odd to me.
  21. Heading west bound, I was going East in my Evora, thanks for the wave!
  22. Might be a fun drive out if I have the time. Quiet on here... I guess most of the Devon and Cornwall plans are done on the Facebook group...
  23. They are doing a second batch... well I never, they must be flush with cash these days 😉 Excellent news (for when my driver's door one goes too!) Thanks @Bibs
  24. Let us know what Lotus Silverstone say on dates... though I would expect them all to be the same dispatch day at least 😉 Hope your fingers have the chance to recover eventually!
  25. Hi all, Well... that light at the end of the tunnel may be real after all... Hendy's have just confirmed that the factory has said the latches should be dispatched on May 17th to them... Fingers crossed (again!)
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