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  1. If you want a soft top on the Exige, you have to get the car converted to hold the centre brackets. It's only a simple job apparently and loads of people on here have done it but it wont come as standard.
  2. Yeah, I used to have an S3 Elise. Luckily I'm very flexible and already perfected my entry/exit technique. I'm not a "slider"
  3. So I added Alcantara Sills and Alcantara Wheel after I made the initial order. Also added full carpets as I wanted it to feel a bit more premium inside. I was told the same thing about the black pack, you can't mix and match anymore. You either have it or don't with the Final Edition. I decided that I preferred the look of the non-black pack, so I went for that.
  4. Ahh I just saw another thread where @Inversedsaid he's in Italy, so I guess the Italian dealers still have a couple left then.
  5. Maybe the dealer your dealing with is selling you the slot they would have otherwise used as a dealer stock car. They would be able to change the order specification to your preferences up until a couple of weeks before it goes into production. I changed mine a couple of times after I'd placed the order back in Jan and the dealer and factory was fine with it.
  6. Yep, they will be reconfiguring the factory at the end of the year for the new model so there's only a few more months of production left.
  7. Hey. I ordered one early January and am due for delivery end of this month all being well. I'll do a video of it once I get it. My spec was: - 390 FE - Solid Yellow - Black Pack delete - Black forged wheels - Alcantara Seats w/ yellow stitching - Black interior accents - Alcantara Wheel - Alcantara Sills - Full Carpet - Stereo - Air Con - Cruise Control The thing I'm curious about is how the actual 0-60 time compares to other Exige models, as the claimed one on the website is obviously just from the marketing and sales departments. - Sport 350 (345hp & 1125kg) was claimed 0-60 at 3.7 seconds - Sport 380 (375hp & 1110kg) was claimed 0-60 at 3.5 seconds - Sport 410 (410hp & 1110kg) was claimed 0-60 at 3.3 seconds - Sport 420 (420hp & 1110kg) was claimed 0-60 at 3.3 seconds The Sport 390 is (397hp & 1138kg) but has a claimed 0-60 of 3.7 seconds same as the 350 despite the extra 52hp. I suspect in reality it's just shy of the Sport 410 at around 3.4 seconds but the marketing department didn't want it too close to the 420 or it wouldn't seem worth the extra £18k Although saying that, as an average driver there's zero chance I'd get anywhere near those 0-60 numbers anyway so possibly an irrelevant statistic
  8. It seems as though my 390FE should be one of the first UK customer deliveries. April delivery apparently. I'll have to do a YouTube review I guess then. 😀
  9. Hi all. I've got a FE Exige 390 on the way. I didn't spec the car mats as I'd like to buy some custom mats that have yellow stitching to match the seats. Does anyone have a recommendation for a company they've used before? Thanks James
  10. Ahhh, that's interesting, they blurred out the model number on the licence plate. That makes sense then. Thanks
  11. Not really tbh, I know very little about it other than its a 390 final edition so I guess other than the hp, it'll have some little additions and changes. I just knew I wanted an Exige as I used to have an S3 Elise, and they have some good finance deals on new ones, so I went for it. Apparently details will be released in the next couple of weeks though.
  12. Fingers crossed. I'm just hopeful of a slightly more "normal" summer to get out on some B roads to enjoy it.
  13. So that's basically what I've ordered. Although I have no idea what wing is on it or what front access panel it is, or really what much of it will look like. I've just taken a punt that it won't look terrible 🤣
  14. Yeah, that looks nice. I just don't like dark colours personally. My mum always said "if you're gonna have one, have a bright one" 🤣
  15. I've not seen many non black packs to be fair, seems to be a must have for most. I decided to be brave though and ordered it totally non-black pack in yellow. I quite like the look on the configurator, but thought if I don't like it I'll just get it sprayed. I tend to love bright cars so should be ok for me. Although it's a final edition though so I actually have no idea what it looks like, just guessing based on the limited info I know.
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