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  1. PM if any available. Ta
  2. I’m planning on refurbing my original recaros (usual drivers bolster wear) using scuffmaster and they have requested a sample. I know some have used the rear seats but mine are fabric. I can’t see anywhere to sample the fronts without doing damage. Any ideas? Cheers
  3. I was hung up on getting the premium pack - I loved the interior pics when it was first launched. However having found and now owned the right car but non-premium, I can honestly say it really doesn't matter. Ther interior is still a lovely place to be, and the non-leather (lower down) trim areas just aren't noticeable. So whilst it's nice, I seriously wouldn't let it put you off an otherwise good car. Everyone who I've taken for a ride has loved the interior: the driving position & experience is so dominating that luxury touches are far less important than other more mundane cars. Tbh the only thing I'd like is an arm-rest, and I plan on retrofitting that anyway.
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