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  1. Love your car! Kicking myself I did not pick it up.
  2. I know of 4 evora gt430's (sky blue and 'dark blue'?) in Australia and at least 1 430 sport (fire red).
  3. Is motorsport green then same colour as the original press pics car? That one seems a little more turquoise in the pictures.
  4. @Gordon S Thank you! I am thinking of speccing motorsport green, did you have any more photos you can post up? Will have to see for the rest of the options. Has anyone succeeded in getting a chassis mounted wing from the factory on a road car?
  5. Thanks Gordon! The 2021 list isn't that long either (at least where I am), I was thinking of going the track look and having no carpet / sound insulation as well as the fire extinguisher / external isolator. I can't drive faster in the 430 compared to the 410 ( on the road) but I can feel faster! Have you seen one of the fire extingushers in the flesh? Just to know if there is still okay leg room for the passenger? For the Lotus Exclusive programme options did you have any examples on existing 410's / 430's? It seems quite hard to guage from lotus what is possible and what is not. p.s. Your 430 spec is very classy. Thank you!! George
  6. Looking to 'upgrade' from a 410 Sport to a Final Edition 430, what are the options you guys think are must haves and what would you have specced differently on your cup 430's? Also having a hard time deciding on colour, Motorsport Green comes across as very classy but would be interesing to hear what it is like in real life. Thank you for the help!
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