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  1. I assume you have same trans as Evora.  Same issue for 5th as you are having.  From what I have researched the trans just does not want to be rushed.  You can feel when it meshes if you gently lean into 5th and wait.  Only when quickly and high revving above 4k.  I used Motorcraft XT-M5-QS Full Synthetic and then moved on to 

    BG Syncro Shift® II which is the best I have found.  Unfortunately a fluid change did not fix the issue.

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  2. GT300 Evora in colaboration with INGING Motorsports.  ‘Mother Chassis’ which have no production parts in their construction other than windscreen wiper, badge and door handles with Nissan V8 engine.  As the rules state that all GT300 cars must have their engines located in the same position as in the production version, the Evora was the first mid engined mother chassis car.

    2021 GT300 Winner Hiroki Katoh & Ryohei Sakaguchi, Advics muta Racing INGING & Cars Tokai Dreams28, Lotus Evora MC GT300

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  3. On 30/07/2021 at 16:31, trcm said:

    Likewise, I still have a wobbly headlight I need to get better access to !

    You can access the front bolt of the headlight by removing the front undertray.  Otherwise the issue is probably the rear two bolts or the support frame you can access by removing the wheel liner. 

  4. On 26/10/2019 at 11:26, KG said:





    @ken2020 thank you for a great day and for bringing my dream car closer to reality! Glad you can “fly” now with your new CF hatch and wing on!


    I have a S1 Evora with quickjacks.  how is it that you are able to lift the front end without a cross brace?

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