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  1. Hi all. Yes it's brand new (240FE) The service manager at Hendy thinks it's washer fluid leaking from a badly fitting joint. Apparently the washer pump gets primed at ignition on. It certainly doesnt look like coolant. It is clear and has no smell. Surely aricon condensation would drip slowly over a period, rather than flood out when you turn the ignition (not engine) on? Chris.
  2. Hello Elise experts! My new Elise deposits a small puddle of water (?) just inside the offside front wheel when I turn the ignition on in the garage. Should I be worried? Thanks! Chris
  3. Thanks Keith. I took the plunge on the Elise, so no more persuasion needed! Think I'll give it a miss.
  4. Anyone been before and can say if it's worth the trip (I won't be going on track)? It's going to be a bit of a battle getting there on bank holiday weekend.
  5. It did - thank you Jim! The answer is, I know know that in the car I rented (at great expense) a) The shocks were gone b)The geo was out on 3 of the 4 wheels
  6. Hi all, I want to buy an S3 Elise, but I can't get a test drive. None of the dealers have demonstrators at the moment. I hired one for the day, but it was badly set up and a terrible experience. Would anyone be happy to take me for a spin (on road) for an hour in their car (I'm not asking to drive it!)? Happy to pay. I'm based in Exeter, and happy to travel up to about 90 mins (so Bristol, Salisbury, Dorchester etc.) Sport 220 (ideally) or Cup 250. Thanks, Chris.
  7. Hi all Can anyone tell me if any of the following can be fitted after the car has left the factory? 1. Sound insulation 2. Full carpets 3. Black pack 4. Coloured brake calipers Thanks!
  8. Thanks all Just to be clear, the garage said the shocks were ok, but that tracking/camber/caster were all out. They did not adjust anything, so I can't comment on any improvement.
  9. Hi Chipp, tbh I never got far enough to push it round a bend, so I don't know! I would hope the garage checked the tyres, but I didnt ask them
  10. Hi all, I just borrowed (well, hired) and Elise for the day to "try before I buy", and had a very negative experience. Trying to establish whether I should blame the vehicle or the model. As soon as I came off the motorway onto a straight but bumpy A road, I found the handling very unstable. The car bounced around and felt like it was going to come off the road, at anything over about 45mph. I've read that the Exige has a reputation for this (and have watched a couple of review videos saying the same), but thought the Elise was much more sorted. I was sufficiently unnerved that I took it to the nearest garage to get the shocks and alignment checked (shocks - OK, tracking - out). What is people's view on this? [It was an old 111R - 07 plate, 65K miles] [PS I have owned a Caterham, and don't recall it being like this] Chris.
  11. Awesome - thanks Tezzan! Hi Keith. You're right - I was. I've been out in a couple (thanks to Hendy Devon/Poole). They are awesome but I felt I might end up in a ditch trying to get the most out of one. I have a theory (yet to be confirmed) that an Elise might be a bit more like my old Caterham in that you can have a lot of fun without going quite so fast. Also thinking they might be a better investment as the Emira looks like being more of an Evora replacement.
  12. Hello fellow petrolheads. I'm borrowing an Elise for the day next week to "try before I buy". For reasons I won't bore you with, it's going to be from Southampton. Any recommendations for good roads/areas to take it for a run (obviously not the New Forest!) Thanks! Chris.
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