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  1. A very controversial topic - you can spend weeks googling info and find lots telling you to both beat the crap out of it from first warmup, to those that recommend babying it until the first oil change. Here's a popular advocate for the former, commonly called the "MotoMan" method: Regardless of which school of thought you follow, its pretty much universally agreed that the worst thing you can do is just sit on the highway with the car in cruise control. It's a 2hr drive home from the dealer for me, and I'll be taking the back-roads on the first drive (and probably every drive after as well! ).
  2. I actually like the silver seats as well; its just a shame that Lotus won't colour the power window switches and, in particular, the harness holes with the silver seats. Seeing the colour-matched harness-holes through the front windscreen is a must for me...that's what drove me to black seats.
  3. Ok, an update.... I wrote an email to my Australian dealer last night explaining the above, and noting I'd like my interior colour pack changed to black alcantera, and to be ensured that my seat eyelets and power window switches were coloured (which I had explicitly expressed when I placed my order). They called me today to let me know that they were aware of the situation in the UK and had jumped on it themselves. They had actually already changed all Australian cars that had been configured as silver alcantera to black, as they said that black better reflected what was shown in the configurator. It sounds like its a good thing they jumped on it themselves, as they said that configurations, VINS, etc. were all locked in, so had they not I don't think I'd be able to change it at this point without really stirring things up. As such I'll retract my prior statement about the Australian's dealers not throwing any weight around!
  4. Got it, thank you very much Tony. I'll put that to my dealer. I believe there's only a handful of us Cup 250FE purchasers in Oz; that combined with us being so far from earshot means nobody cares (or even knows) if we make a fuss.
  5. This was mentioned online as well (harness holes and controls staying black). It seems odd that Lotus would care...I mean, they'll let people mix and match weird interior/exterior colour combos, why would they care about the harness holes and window switches? What I did NOT see mentioned preivously, however, was that the holes and window controls would be coloured if you chose black!🥳 I was OK (thougth admittedly not overly excited) about the silver/white interior, but really bummed about the harness holes and window switches being black (especially as in Oz it's a $1,200 option - so $1,200 just for the shifter and HVAC surround?!?!?). I for one will jump allover a black interior just to get those body coloured in mine.
  6. Do you mind if I ask how much you paid for the black interior and silver stitching? Someone on a Cup 250 Facebook page I'm a member of posted a pic of the silver interior. It's MUCH lighter than it looks in the configurator, so I'm considering black as well. My dealer also told me that custom stitching wasn't an option, but they much just be misinformed (or it's not an option for Oz destined cars?).
  7. I'm sure I'll wish I had the carbon aero...until I do something stupid while trying to squeeze every last 10th/100th out of the car on the track. Look at my profile pic; I don't exactly baby my cars. "Like a maniac" is the ususal metaphor. Sensibly on the street though!
  8. Are you on different suspension, or ar ethe Exige's just lower stock? Black wheels are a no-cost option on the FE's (thank God, as the standard option isn't silver, but "machined", which I think will look like a set of cheap aftermarket garbage wheels). True - Lotus have always struggled to unload the Cup's...I'm sure it'd be even worse if the only option was Isotope Green like mine.😂
  9. Personally, regardless of price, carbon aero is the last option I would consider! Weight savings in the least beneficial part of the car, and something about cladding the lower extremeties of the car with a material that's impossible to repair and likley to be impossible to replace in the future would make me neurotic. Even as-is I've postponed the arrival of my FE until I can comfortably get my driveway regraded, and as I drive around now I obcessively look at entries into parking garages and shopping centres, speed bumps, driveway entries etc. and wonder whether or not they'll be the cause of me having to repair/repaint my standard aero pack.😵 My dealer suggested I avoid the black pack, as they could arrage to have the same sections of the car wrapped in satin-black for a fraction of the cost (of note, all options here in Oz are subject to a 30% luxury car tax in addition to a poor exchange rate). For me the cost was a bonus, but more-so I chose to avoid the black-pack so that I had the ability to go back to full colour in the future if I wanted. Peeling off vinyl (that further protects the underlying paint) is easy; colour matching a metallic paint like isotope green - not so much.
  10. Per the above, would be helpful if you noted whether you were looking for UK (RHD) or elsewhere...
  11. Were you able to have custom stitching on your FE? I asked my dealer and they said Lotus weren’t offering it... This was my thought as well. Two piece discs loose weight in the right place, but the price for just a rotor upgrade seems nuts. I was thinking there would have to be a cheap aftermarket alternative as the calipers are the same.
  12. Looks like there are far more options for S2's than S3's. This was the only carbon rear engine cover I could find for the S3: Also on eBay for a bit less:
  13. From the little I could find on it, it's identical in build to the OEM unit, except it's titanium instead of stainless. As such I'd think it would be identical...
  14. Does anyone option this? I don't see much mention of it...but a lot of weight to be saved, and right at the backend of the car where it's of most benefit. On the other costs it's weight in gold (~$10k AUD). Is there any HP gain by optioning this, or is it physically identical to the OEM exhaust other than being titanium vs. stainless? Is there an aftermarket alternative (titanium or otherwise) that's similar in weight to the OEM titanium offering, and/or something that offers a significant increase in power without being too loud for track work?
  15. Does anyone know what each of these options add/delete in terms of weight? I thought I remembered seeing a breakdown elsewhere but I can't find it for the life of me.
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