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  1. Does anyone option this? I don't see much mention of it...but a lot of weight to be saved, and right at the backend of the car where it's of most benefit. On the other costs it's weight in gold (~$10k AUD). Is there any HP gain by optioning this, or is it physically identical to the OEM exhaust other than being titanium vs. stainless? Is there an aftermarket alternative (titanium or otherwise) that's similar in weight to the OEM titanium offering, and/or something that offers a significant increase in power without being too loud for track work?
  2. Does anyone know what each of these options add/delete in terms of weight? I thought I remembered seeing a breakdown elsewhere but I can't find it for the life of me.
  3. Isotope green with red interior? Not shy indeed. Someone else referred to that as the “nuclear watermelon”.
  4. Who sells the carbon panel and boot lid aftermarket for the S3?
  5. Thank you Peapod. I was actually looking for "X" in the below pic, but with height and the hypotenuse you've given me I can figure that out, and the "angle of approach" should match what Bibs provided. Just to confirm, based on your pic it looks like it's about 17.5" from the contact patch to the front corner of the splitter, and about 20" to the very front of the splitter? I think I'll mimic the above with some cardboard on my MX-5 track car and see how much trouble my driveway gives me. As a last hard is it to detach/attach the front splitter on the Cup 250s?🤔
  6. Thank you Peapod. It looks like the pic of the white one is the side splitter, and the blue one is the front? Just need the front splitter dimensions. Hard to tell from the angle but that appears to be 130mm between the bottom of the front splitter and the concrete. Is your car on OEM suspension? The only other dimension I'd need is from the front tyre contact patch to the front-most point of the front splitter, so I know how far out from the front wheel the splitter sticks out (which from pics looks to be well past the front clam). Thanks so much; unfortunately the dealers here
  7. Ah, you said "abroad" and I took that as "overseas", which is what Aussies call anywhere but Aussieland. Estonia can't be that bad! Even if the speed limits there are strict, at least you can still get out relatively quickly to somewhere it isn't (unlike in Australia). I've done a ton of driving in Poland, and many people drive there like they're on the Autobahn.
  8. Just to clarify Bibs, the ground clearance from the front splitter to the rear diffuser is a consistent 140mm?
  9. I don't think angle of approach will provide me with exactly what I need for my particular scenario... It's not as simple as driving from a flat plane (road) onto a ramp (driveway) at a set angle. The geometry involved here is a bit more complicated. My driveway has a kerb/depression at the bottom - deeper than both the driveway and road - that the wheel falls into. Then the driveway itself starts out at a low angle but arcs up increasingly at the base (I believe to overcome some services which run though that portion, though I need to have a proper survey done). My hope is that
  10. Can someone with a Cup 250 please measure the distance between the bottom of the front lip and the road, and the lateral distance between the front of the lip and the centre of the front tyre contact patch? After 17-years of drooling over many and nearly purchasing an S2 Exige or Elise on four different occasions, I'm very close to pulling the trigger on a new Cup 250....I just need to know if I can get it up the driveway of the home I just bought - or if I have to sell up!😜(....actually not joking though.). Thank you in advance.
  11. How much does the CF boot lid save over the factory fiberglass? I can't imagine it's much...
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