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  1. Looks great! Its crazy how much the sun changes the colour of isotope. In the configurator, it looked pretty close to what the front of your car looks like in the first pic and towards the rear arches of the 2nd pic. The pictures you posted from collection day look a lot more "toxic" like IMO. This colour really needs the sun to pop! Glad I'm in Australia. What parts of the car did you have covered in PPF?
  2. Congrats, and welcome! I'm assuming you ordered the car from SCC? When did you place your order, and/or when was your build date? DId you get any pics of the car during production? I'm still patiently awaiting mine...though I purposefully asked for a later build-date as I needed the time to get my driveway re-pitched prior.
  3. Let us know how you go. I'm looking at having the same done to my car prior to taking delivery, because I've heard similar reports. Also...please post pics of the car in question.🙏
  4. Can anyone confirm what the specs are on the Cup 250 FE wheels? 7J x 16” front and 8J x 17” rear, but what offsets?
  5. Yeah, in Australia for the price of equipping your Cup 250 with the carbon bits above, you could buy (from the dealer) a brand new 2021: Hyundai Kona, Venue or i30 N Line Mazda 3, CX-3, CX-5 Maxx, or CX-30 Mitsubishi ASX, Eclipse Cross, Outlander or Triton Nissan Juke, Navara, Qashqai or X-Trail Toyota Corolla, Hilux, Yaris or Yaris Cross VW Golf, Polo or T-Cross 🤣😭
  6. It more than just looks expensive - at least in Australia, where we get bent over for everything: $7,999 = Carbon Fibre Hardtop $2,399 = Carbon Fibre Front Access Panel $4,299 = Carbon Fibre Tailgate $9,999 = Carbon Fibre Aero Pack Oh, and to top it all off, at 30% to the top of any of those numbers as it also gets rorted with Australia's fantastic LCT (Luxury Car Tax).🤬
  7. Could be? Lotus did the same thing with the late S2 Exiges IIRC. I actually managed to track down pictures of the yellow Cup 250 with the body-coloured aero that I referenced above. It is/was for sale in Australia of all places. Pics for those who are interested:
  8. OK...makes me feel better. I and probably anyone else would have done the same. As such, I'm guessing it was a NCO option in other years that Lotus decided to eliminate for w/ the FE as they couldn't be bothered, as we've heard them do with some of the other options (like just painting the back light panel, for example). When I was digging around for pics last week, I stumbled across a full for-sale ad from a dealer for a yellow Cup 250 with the complete aero colour coded - not sure if it was that one or not. Tons of pics. I tried looking for it earlier today after I saw that green one pop up (local sale here in Australia...2,400kms on it and selling for more than a similarly optioned NEW FE!). Can't find it for the life of me...that screen shot above was all the googles could find. The colour coding of the aero - particularly on a lighter coloured car - really makes the aero stand-out, and makes the car look lower than it is. I think it better differentiates the CUP 250 from the standard S3 - or at least makes the car look more like it came from the factory that way, as opposed to just having had the aero slapped on after purchase. Still, I'd be too afraid of having expensive coloured bits that close to the tarmac\curbing, and would probably still default to matte-black for the sake of easy touch-up/repair.
  9. Question for anyone with a Cup 250 Final Edition... Did anyone get the aero body coloured? I never knew it was an option on any Cup 250, but I've since seen a few with it and I reckon it looks pretty good:
  10. My dealer messaged me separately months after I placed my order asking if I wanted the mirrors painted as a no cost option. I didn't mind them black as per the configurator, but asked for them painted because it would be very easy to grab a pair of matte black mirrors later, but very difficult/expensive to get a set of colour matching mirrors (this was essentially my strategy w/ the whole car). I would guess that if your dealer didn't give you the option they'll default to the configurator, which means matte black.
  11. Congrats! Its gorgeous. That Vivid Green looks much better in that pic than it did in the configurator. Looks like you have carbon aero and a black interior?
  12. It will be approximately 17.5 years of waiting for me by the time I show up at the dealer and take mine off the lot. If you really want it, my advice is don't wait for the stars to align as I had been doing...make them align as I did in the end (FINGERS CROSSED - I don't have the keys yet!!). Agreed, and but in the end they're a business and they have to make smart commercial decisions. If something holds up production on a small few for a substantial amount of time, I can't see the company keeping employees, tooling, parts, staff etc. in the "old" factory just for those. Companies give customers refunds for unfulfilled orders all the time, so this would be nothing out of the ordinary. I would just hope that Lotus would give them something for their trouble and for holding their deposit for ~ a year ( guys paid deposits, right?😜). My dealer gave me the same impression. Apparently they were able to pull some strings with the standard silver alcantara "debacle" and get me a black interior and contrasting silver/white stitching at no-cost, but custom coloured stitching was a no-go at that point. They also looked to be punishing people fiscally for one-off items like a black rear transom w/ the carbon pack, as discussed earlier in this thread.
  13. WOW - is that liquid yellow? Looks awesome in the sun. I was told that if you option up a hard top, the soft top is included as well (presumably in the boot).
  14. I was referring to the Elise Cup 250 FE. I've been told that if the production strays too late (to the point that the cars would be 2022's) or they run short of parts that would keep just a handful of cars from being built, it's possible those at the end of the list would get culled. My dealer told me this already has happened with some Evora's? Makes total economic sense that with all production switching over to the Emira they would want a clean break with the 2021 Final Editions.
  15. Further to this, my dealer told me that there is a chance that those at the very end of the list might get bumped off if production runs long and/or they run out of critical parts. I had wanted to be towards the very very end of the production list for many of the same reasons as you Jorge, but my dealer convinced me to move up a bit for this reason.
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