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  1. Ahhh gotcha - late night on the forums...the front panel looked like a diffuser at a quick glance! Great to hear about the solid customer service. I'll keep them in mind in the future.
  2. Did you ever get that diffuser sorted? I'm considering a few items from Chariot...
  3. Anyone ever find an aftermarket front splitter that fits the facelift front clam? Looking for aftermarket carbon options in particular...
  4. Have you gotten the TC5 wheels on your car yet?
  5. Haven't heard your story. Do you have a thread on it? (Car looks lovely now BTW). Can't comment on the build quality of mine but I haven't really seen it in the flesh yet - afraid of what I might find. I agree with your thoughts completely; I feel that since these cars are "for the drivers" (and because mostly track-addicts like me buy them), they're simply track-tools and the dealers treat them like they're selling spanners. They've gotten away with it due to their understanding/fanatic owner base, but they're going to get laughed into bankruptcy when they are dealing w/ people who are cross shopping their Emira with a Porsche and accordingly expect an on-par experience.
  6. So I've been following this thread for almost a year now, seeing all the pics of the lovely FE Cup 250's making their way down the production line and owners taking orders. Though I placed my order in early-March, I had never seen ONE picture of my own car. It just landed in Jan, but I was out of the country. Immediately upon landing (literally straight from the airport) I stopped by the dealership to see mine. Pics of what I saw. Full back story here: (Is cross posting to other forums allowed? If not please let me know and I'll create a new post here). Interested in any opinions on the matter.
  7. MUCH BETTER! I wish this would have come as an option. I actually ordered a set of aftermarket wheels in anthracite for my Isotope car as I think it's the perfect match - even better on yours with the carbon aero. Did you paint the wheels that came with the car, or order a spare set and have those painted?
  8. Post pics when you get it. And I can sympathise with the long wait - I still don't have my hands on mine. In terms of used Exige 350 vs. Cup 250 FE; I personally would take a Cup 250 FE over any S3 Exige, used or new, even if they were theoretically the same price. Many won't agree with me but one things for certain - you can always buy a used S3 Exige later, but you'll never be able to buy a new Elise ever again.
  9. Ahh, OK. I was looking closely but couldn't pick it up. They've done a good job!
  10. No PPF? And I agree, that colour looks great.
  11. As odd as this may sound, I'm not too fussed. After seeing a pre-US-production car at the GM proving grounds in Michigan, I put my first deposit on one of the first Elise's to come into the US in 2004. Due to unforeseen circumstances I never got the car, and though I never stopped wanting an one very badly, there was never a good time to get another since. So what's another few months when I've been waiting 17-years.🤣
  12. I ordered mine in March and it's not due to the dealership until about x-mas. I'm in Australia though...
  13. Yeah, I caught this. Not typical FE customer treatment for me. I ordered my car in early March, and haven't heard/seen much of anything since. A bit let down by the purchasing process to be honest. One of the things that motivated me to buy a new Cup over picking up a lightly used car at a significant discount was the anticipation of seeing my personally specified car come through the hand-built assembly line; a truly unique opportunity. I'm confident now that if I were to be looking at an Emira in the future, it will be used.
  14. What do you mean by the red carpet treatment?
  15. Looks great! Its crazy how much the sun changes the colour of isotope. In the configurator, it looked pretty close to what the front of your car looks like in the first pic and towards the rear arches of the 2nd pic. The pictures you posted from collection day look a lot more "toxic" like IMO. This colour really needs the sun to pop! Glad I'm in Australia. What parts of the car did you have covered in PPF?
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