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  1. It will be approximately 17.5 years of waiting for me by the time I show up at the dealer and take mine off the lot. If you really want it, my advice is don't wait for the stars to align as I had been doing...make them align as I did in the end (FINGERS CROSSED - I don't have the keys yet!!). Agreed, and but in the end they're a business and they have to make smart commercial decisions. If something holds up production on a small few for a substantial amount of time, I can't see the company keeping employees, tooling, parts, staff etc. in the "old" factory just for those. Companies give customers refunds for unfulfilled orders all the time, so this would be nothing out of the ordinary. I would just hope that Lotus would give them something for their trouble and for holding their deposit for ~ a year ( guys paid deposits, right?😜). My dealer gave me the same impression. Apparently they were able to pull some strings with the standard silver alcantara "debacle" and get me a black interior and contrasting silver/white stitching at no-cost, but custom coloured stitching was a no-go at that point. They also looked to be punishing people fiscally for one-off items like a black rear transom w/ the carbon pack, as discussed earlier in this thread.
  2. WOW - is that liquid yellow? Looks awesome in the sun. I was told that if you option up a hard top, the soft top is included as well (presumably in the boot).
  3. I was referring to the Elise Cup 250 FE. I've been told that if the production strays too late (to the point that the cars would be 2022's) or they run short of parts that would keep just a handful of cars from being built, it's possible those at the end of the list would get culled. My dealer told me this already has happened with some Evora's? Makes total economic sense that with all production switching over to the Emira they would want a clean break with the 2021 Final Editions.
  4. Further to this, my dealer told me that there is a chance that those at the very end of the list might get bumped off if production runs long and/or they run out of critical parts. I had wanted to be towards the very very end of the production list for many of the same reasons as you Jorge, but my dealer convinced me to move up a bit for this reason.
  5. The digital dash certainly clashes a bit with the analogue nature of the car, but as I'll be using the car as a track toy 1st and road car 2nd, its a worthy trade off for me to have the inbuilt lap timing. As long as the rev/shift indicator is as easy or easier to see than on the older dashes, I'm a happy camper. Most road cars modified for heavy/exclusive track work go to something similar to a Stack LCD motorsport display for a reason.
  6. Yes, just my humble opinion voiced in what is likely a very safe echo chamber. I'm sure if I put my thoughts in the a Final Edition Exige or Evora thread, most all would disagree! To each their own, as they say.
  7. TL:DR - A Cup 430 is "for the ego", not "for the drivers". Long story, but I've spent the past 17 years nearly buying an Elise/Exige, with the mindset that whatever one I did buy, I'd likely be keeping forever as I've done with all of my other "special" cars. That has given me a lot of time to mull over what my "perfect" Elise/Exige would be. Though thoroughly considered, I ruled out the S3 Exige as I felt it had veered away from the core ethos of the platform. The Elise isn't about being the fastest car on the track, its about being the most engaging - which I think could be said about Lotus road cars in general when compared to their competition. I think that taking an S2 Elise/Exige, stretching it and cramming a V6 in the back - whilst being a very effective way to make a faster car - by no means makes it a more engaging car. Lots of people who have gone Elise -> S3 Exige -> Elise will confirm as such. I often think of the day on our honeymoon that my wife and I hiked an active, snow-covered volcano in Chile with our ski's and snowboard on our backs. After ~6hrs of hiking, we were rewarded with one, single run back down the virgin-snow covered mountain. Had we taken the Cup 430 approach, we would have tucked our arms by our sides and barrelled towards the bottom as fast as we could. But we took what I consider the Elise approach, in that we criss-crossed the face of the volcano with the widest arching curves we could, savouring each and every turn. An fair argument could be made that the featherweight S1 is pinnacle Lotus/Elise, or the S2 Exige (NA or Supercharged) with the screamer 2ZZ. I eventually "settled" on the Cup 250 FE because: I felt the minor losses in "rawness" were worth the major improvements in build quality, interior touch/feel and that the rawness would only be realised in direct comparison with an S1/S2, but that the lack of build quality/etc. would be realised every day in comparison to ever improving cars from everyone else, and The car has to tug at the heart-strings visually, and I view the Cup 250 as far and above the best looking and most timeless out of the bunch, and lastly After 17-years of waiting or my "perfect" Elise/ExigeS2 to come up for sale at a concurrent time when I was in a position to pull the trigger on one, I've eventually accepted that unless I give the recipe directly to Lotus and have them make it for me, I may be waiting forever. My wife said if I don't get off my ass, stop talking about the car and just buy the goddamn thing, she's going to divorce me. 🤣 To your other point, an Emira over an S3 Exige? Well, it would depend on what else is in my quiver. I explained above why I personally will have a Cup Elise in the garage. What then would be the purpose of having an Exige as well? For the track days when I want to be a bit less engaged while ripping through a lot more consumables just to flex with lap times? I've got other cars that I'm building or have built for that purpose...but for others who don't and want a Lotus to fill that role, I can see that being the primary selling point of an Exige amongst the modern Lotus line-up. The Emira looks to be a far better road car, with better build quality, interior fit/finish, tech, etc., with the same reliable 2GR-FE available with the same three pedals. I have no doubt that in typical Lotus fashion, hundreds of special editions will come to follow, amongst them will be a handful that will take the spot of Lotus' fastest ever ICE production car. I seriously doubt it will ever be as light as the Exige, but if that's really what you care about...again, you should just skip over it and go straight to the Elise. The Exige now seems like a compromise - jack of all trades, master of none (well, one - lap times...for now), and the Evora seems like is has no place at all in the line-up, sans someone who absolutely has to shuttle around a few small humans on occasion.
  8. Well, the Emira has been released, and as expected I have absolutely no regrets over having ordered a Cup 250FE. The Emira looks to be an awesome car, and arguably a better car overall than the Elise...but at 1,400kg, power-assisted steering and no 3-pedal 4-pot, it is no way a replacement; certainly not nearly as "for the Drivers" as the Elise and, above all, the Cup and S1/S2 Exige were. Sitting between the Elise's before and the lack of Elise's after, I personally feel as if the Cup 250 FE was pinnacle Lotus. Nearly as raw as the original S1 and as potent as the S2 Exiges, with the the best build quality and fit/finish Lotus had before they made a hard pivot away from simplicity and driver-engagement-above-all to comfort and usability in an effort to appeal to a broader market. Short of going back to an Seven or the original Elan and all the sacrifices that would come with such a choice, nothing besides the Elise better exemplified, "Simplify, then add lightness". Alfa tried to make a better Elise with the 4C, and failed. Alpine tried to make a better Elise with the A110, and failed. I don't think the Elise was even on Porsche's radar...but regardless the Cayman and Boxter are often compared, and while they are nice cars in their own rite, they're not nearly as focused a tool as the Elise - even in GT4 trim. Over the past 25-years it is clear that only Lotus can make a better Elise, and with the announcement of the Emira as their last ICE car, it is clear that endeavour has ended with the Final Edition cars. There are will always continue to be cars that cut better lap times, cars with more modern conveniences, better tech, a more comfortable ride...but nothing that will ever come close to being everything that an Elise was, and at the same time, wasn't. An Emira over an Evora? Probably. An Emira over an S3 Exige? Possibly. An Emira over an Elise? No way.
  9. Thank you! A new site I hadn't caught before. Unfortunately as with many other places it looks like they've got limited S3 bits (that carbon panel looks like its the only aftermarket item they sell?), but hopefully that will change a bit in time.
  10. Someone posted something similar on the Australian Lotus forums, here was my response... I may have slightly believed this to be the case for myself (some with FE orders wanting one), until I saw a picture of an Evora being used as the test-mule for the Emira. This image, plus confirmation that this single car will be replacing the Evora, Exige, and Elise has made me extremely glad that after nearly purchasing and then holding off on committing to an S2 Elise/Exige, S3 Cup Elise for the past 17 years, I finally got off my butt and pulled the trigger on a Cup 250FE. A car cannot singularly replace the modern Elise, Exige, and Evora without compromising what made each of the three different from each-other (the Evora being the Lotus you can live with on a daily basis, the Exige being the Lotus that gets you the best lap times, and the Elise being the Lotus that stays truest to the ethos of the brand). Being that it's about the same size as an Evora, and being that Lotus/Geeley are trying to appeal to the broadest possible audience, my money is that the Emira will in actuality be an Evora replacement that's marketed as a 911 competitor, with the same strategy as that of Porsche - one car, twenty different variants that attempt to make it everything from a comfortable cruiser (Cabrio) to a hardcore track machine (GT3). Unfortunately for Lotus however, nobody plays Porsche's game better than Porsche, so if they try to go head-to-head with the 911 they're only going to get bargain-hunters into their showrooms by undercutting Porsche and being the budget alternative. I fear they'll go for being the brand that's, "For the Drivers", to the brand that is, "For the Cheapskates". At least with the Exige and Elise, they had a point of difference in the market as being the last of the "analog" car manufacturers (limited/no steering assist, 3-pedals, N/A and supercharged vs. turbo or hybrid, etc.). I can't help but wonder if they're stepping away from this right when the broader public is finally understanding they want what Lotus is (was) offering... Its a fine line to walk for sure; less hardcore to appear to a broader audience, whilst still being a Lotus - which is almost by definition - more "hardcore" (or at least, stripped down) than the competition. Is that a carbon rear panel replacement? If so, would you mind sharing where you got it? The only one I saw was from Komotec (who got it direct from Lotus), and they only have it for the earlier S3's. I've been searching high-and-low for someone other than Lotus who produces this....
  11. A very controversial topic - you can spend weeks googling info and find lots telling you to both beat the crap out of it from first warmup, to those that recommend babying it until the first oil change. Here's a popular advocate for the former, commonly called the "MotoMan" method: Regardless of which school of thought you follow, its pretty much universally agreed that the worst thing you can do is just sit on the highway with the car in cruise control. It's a 2hr drive home from the dealer for me, and I'll be taking the back-roads on the first drive (and probably every drive after as well! ).
  12. I actually like the silver seats as well; its just a shame that Lotus won't colour the power window switches and, in particular, the harness holes with the silver seats. Seeing the colour-matched harness-holes through the front windscreen is a must for me...that's what drove me to black seats.
  13. Ok, an update.... I wrote an email to my Australian dealer last night explaining the above, and noting I'd like my interior colour pack changed to black alcantera, and to be ensured that my seat eyelets and power window switches were coloured (which I had explicitly expressed when I placed my order). They called me today to let me know that they were aware of the situation in the UK and had jumped on it themselves. They had actually already changed all Australian cars that had been configured as silver alcantera to black, as they said that black better reflected what was shown in the configurator. It sounds like its a good thing they jumped on it themselves, as they said that configurations, VINS, etc. were all locked in, so had they not I don't think I'd be able to change it at this point without really stirring things up. As such I'll retract my prior statement about the Australian's dealers not throwing any weight around!
  14. Got it, thank you very much Tony. I'll put that to my dealer. I believe there's only a handful of us Cup 250FE purchasers in Oz; that combined with us being so far from earshot means nobody cares (or even knows) if we make a fuss.
  15. This was mentioned online as well (harness holes and controls staying black). It seems odd that Lotus would care...I mean, they'll let people mix and match weird interior/exterior colour combos, why would they care about the harness holes and window switches? What I did NOT see mentioned preivously, however, was that the holes and window controls would be coloured if you chose black!🥳 I was OK (thougth admittedly not overly excited) about the silver/white interior, but really bummed about the harness holes and window switches being black (especially as in Oz it's a $1,200 option - so $1,200 just for the shifter and HVAC surround?!?!?). I for one will jump allover a black interior just to get those body coloured in mine.
  16. Do you mind if I ask how much you paid for the black interior and silver stitching? Someone on a Cup 250 Facebook page I'm a member of posted a pic of the silver interior. It's MUCH lighter than it looks in the configurator, so I'm considering black as well. My dealer also told me that custom stitching wasn't an option, but they much just be misinformed (or it's not an option for Oz destined cars?).
  17. I'm sure I'll wish I had the carbon aero...until I do something stupid while trying to squeeze every last 10th/100th out of the car on the track. Look at my profile pic; I don't exactly baby my cars. "Like a maniac" is the ususal metaphor. Sensibly on the street though!
  18. Are you on different suspension, or ar ethe Exige's just lower stock? Black wheels are a no-cost option on the FE's (thank God, as the standard option isn't silver, but "machined", which I think will look like a set of cheap aftermarket garbage wheels). True - Lotus have always struggled to unload the Cup's...I'm sure it'd be even worse if the only option was Isotope Green like mine.😂
  19. Personally, regardless of price, carbon aero is the last option I would consider! Weight savings in the least beneficial part of the car, and something about cladding the lower extremeties of the car with a material that's impossible to repair and likley to be impossible to replace in the future would make me neurotic. Even as-is I've postponed the arrival of my FE until I can comfortably get my driveway regraded, and as I drive around now I obcessively look at entries into parking garages and shopping centres, speed bumps, driveway entries etc. and wonder whether or not they'll be the cause of me having to repair/repaint my standard aero pack.😵 My dealer suggested I avoid the black pack, as they could arrage to have the same sections of the car wrapped in satin-black for a fraction of the cost (of note, all options here in Oz are subject to a 30% luxury car tax in addition to a poor exchange rate). For me the cost was a bonus, but more-so I chose to avoid the black-pack so that I had the ability to go back to full colour in the future if I wanted. Peeling off vinyl (that further protects the underlying paint) is easy; colour matching a metallic paint like isotope green - not so much.
  20. Per the above, would be helpful if you noted whether you were looking for UK (RHD) or elsewhere...
  21. Were you able to have custom stitching on your FE? I asked my dealer and they said Lotus weren’t offering it... This was my thought as well. Two piece discs loose weight in the right place, but the price for just a rotor upgrade seems nuts. I was thinking there would have to be a cheap aftermarket alternative as the calipers are the same.
  22. Looks like there are far more options for S2's than S3's. This was the only carbon rear engine cover I could find for the S3: Also on eBay for a bit less:
  23. From the little I could find on it, it's identical in build to the OEM unit, except it's titanium instead of stainless. As such I'd think it would be identical...
  24. Does anyone option this? I don't see much mention of it...but a lot of weight to be saved, and right at the backend of the car where it's of most benefit. On the other costs it's weight in gold (~$10k AUD). Is there any HP gain by optioning this, or is it physically identical to the OEM exhaust other than being titanium vs. stainless? Is there an aftermarket alternative (titanium or otherwise) that's similar in weight to the OEM titanium offering, and/or something that offers a significant increase in power without being too loud for track work?
  25. Does anyone know what each of these options add/delete in terms of weight? I thought I remembered seeing a breakdown elsewhere but I can't find it for the life of me.
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