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  1. Definitely. The tour of the Valet Pro facilities was definitely the highlight. The demo was good and interesting to hear Elliott's view on which products to use, when and how. There was no demo of using a DA polisher though if that is what you wanted @Cdm2018
  2. Great photo that depicts a great day. Congrats again on the engagement and the adoption 👍
  3. Although I couldn't make it today, thanks for the photos, next best thing to being there
  4. Just returned from the Valet Pro day. What an excellent day ! Even though I have been into 'detailing' products for a while, I learnt a lot today, from how the products are devised/invented, manufactured and named (!) as well as an excellent demonstration of them being used on a car by Elliot. On top of all that, we were treated to a complimentary bite to eat and drink. Well done Greg, it far exceeded my expectations, I will be making a donation to the Kent Air Ambulance 👍
  5. I have a waterless spray, I think a Megs version. It gets excellent reviews and is at the top of these type of products. I use it to clean my scooter. It does a good job, leaves a nice shine but I would never use it on my car unless I wanted to add swirlies 😮
  6. Given the weather forecast for this Sunday and as I am going to the Valet Pro day the day before, I will not be going to North Weald this month ☚ī¸ If I don't see you on Saturday, see you in July ChrisJ Sparky John D Paul B painterdave Spyros - no longer coming Chillidoggy Janet and Ade Kevin And Clare Eren G10YEA Top/plumber and Schumacher
  7. Great aerial photos @Bibs, thanks for sharing
  8. The London Classic Car Show at the end of June and the Stonor Supercar Sunday at the beginning of July have said they are still going ahead so I don't see why the FoS should be any different.
  9. So your neighbours don't like cars and don't like you 😆
  10. It must be great living next door to you @Sparky if you are a car fanatic. It is like Liquorice Allsorts, you never know what type of Lotus will greet your eyes when you look out the window 😃
  11. I have ordered a Ring second generation alarm kit. They are on discount for the next few days: 40+% off If you do buy one, make sure you get the one with the indoor cam, it is no more than the kits without indoor cam so essentially free
  12. I have lost touch with Drones as lost interest. I was into them a few years ago and built a couple of DIY drones using Arduino flight controller initially and then a DJI A1 as well as a racing drone. I then got a DJI Phantom and that was a game changer. It just worked without the need for lots of parameter tweaking and matching components. The batteries on the DJI controller died and I never got round to replacing them. That was the last time I flew as soon after, lots of regs and registration came in to play and I lost interest. I didn't know about the Mini 2. Thanks for posting about it. It looks really interesting. The fact it is under 250g, exempt from some of the regs and so portable is making me think about getting back into drones 👍 I still have lots of parts left over from those days although tech has probably moved on
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