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  1. Love Concorde. Gutted I never got to fly in it. Just as it was de-commissioned I started doing a lot of business trips and may have swung a flight in it. Such an icon.
  2. Great video @Hornsey Boy, thanks for sharing.
  3. They are getting better and better. It is worrying !
  4. I had to look that one up @Sparky!
  5. And you thought it was just Lotus cars that gave you a hard time 😁
  6. I also was at today’s scramble and saw the Elan estate. I quite liked it. Reminded me of the Volvo P1800 estate. The new Lotus Eletre was also quite impressive. Top of the range is 900BHP, 0-60 in 2.9s and a 300 mile range. It is also fully autonomous, once laws allow. Note, I don’t why the image is upside down or how to correct it. On my phone it is correctly oriented.
  7. I won't be able to make it, I am going to the Bicester Scramble that day.
  8. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2023 - year of the Rabbit !
  9. I believe F1 are looking at moving to synthetic fuels which may accelerate their development. The future may not be electric as everyone thinks.
  10. Congratulations @Bibs- wishing you many more happy years together
  11. Reading through that job ad, I have no idea what the person will actually do, even the job title is obscure.
  12. Got there and was turned away. I didn’t see the McDonald meet until just now 🙁
  13. I believe Rosy Lea is in the Squadron and will hopefully be open tomorrow.
  14. @ChrisJ The wings cafe is closed tomorrow due to frozen pipes. See link here: Do you have an alternative venue ? Maybe the squadron which just past the wings cafe ?
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