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  1. The title may be incorrect. The short description sounds like it may not have a turbo. I guess we will have to wait for the full description and photos
  2. Three very nice and iconic Esprits are coming up for sale on the online auction site, The Market. They seem to be from a private seller and being called the Esprit Limited collection. They seem to have high estimates. They have just been posted so more details and photos to follow. Anyone on here ? 1978 JPS Esprit - #21 1981 Essex Esprit 1999 Sport 350
  3. Looks like a great turnout. Shame work meant I couldn't make it
  4. Hi all. Great morning meet as always. Thanks for organising @ChrisJ . Decent breakfast and chat with you all. I took a short video as a few of us left.
  5. This looks great Fabian. Well done to you and all who made the effort, including the 2CV
  6. He is quoted as selling some of his collection to fund the expansion of his classic car business...intending to save more cars (and make more money I guess)
  7. Hadn’t given it much thought but yes, you are right, temperature drops the higher you go !
  8. Wow Dave. Hope everyone is OK. I am no meteorological expert but makes me wonder how you can have ice balls in a heatwave !!
  9. Thanks for posting @Greg | ValetPro Great to read. Shocking that they rely on donations given the service they offer.
  10. What about this one?
  11. Probably the most expensive S1 I have seen for sale:
  12. The Orange S1 that sold at the London Classic Car Show, referred to above, looks like a stonking bargain against this one: Of course, the asking price may not reflect the final sale price.
  13. Mark at Stocks has one for sale.
  14. Just hide the Vauxhall round the corner like I did! Sounds like we are inside anyway.
  15. Dave and Megan Dave Eds Sparky & The Ayatollah Spadger and Denise ChrisJ Painterdave Me me me and Schumacher Pete and Sue Dan E Spyros and one of the family
  16. Is North Weald not an option ? They had some good breakfast (food) options.
  17. Great job @Sparky and thanks for the photos but.......🥴
  18. @SimonJam - there is also this one: The white one is definitely overpriced. You should be looking to pay around £25k for a good one
  19. Good job there @Sparky Can we not talk Lotus without mentioning the word Emira 🙃
  20. That is really cool @Bibs. Such a shame we lost but the boys did well.
  21. Here are some photos I took yesterday (Sunday) at Goodwood. I thought I would contrast them with the Emira:
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