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  1. That is very, very, very kind of you Heiner. If you do have the three spare, let me know and I can send over any payment to cover any costs for when you receive them.
  2. I would also be interested in 3 Heiner (me and my two sons - 18 & 20). How much do you want for them ?
  3. That looks awesome. Is it a bottle of cider or just an ornament ?
  4. I like the analysis @CHANGES - learnt something as well
  5. I didn't realise you were a drone videographer/pilot @Bibs - is that a full time job or a hobby ? As regards drones and cars, I quite like this video. You have probably already seen it. It's amazing how they fly around and through some expensive machinery !
  6. I agree with you. You need to see a car to make up your mind. If the car wasn't for you, that is fair enough but I thought the issue was not being able to test drive and then going away only to find the car was sold after you had seen it but not bought it at the time.
  7. You could have bough the insurance on your phone while there. It only takes 5 minutes. Sounds like you didn't like it anyway so lucky Barry sold it instead of wasting his time
  8. You do know there are many insurers that can provide temporary insurance for an hour, a day or longer. Take a look here:
  9. Nice job @Djs44. I assume the engine, gearbox and interior are included somewhere 😁 Judging from the work @CHANGES did on John's car, you should be in for a nice surprise
  10. @Greg | ValetPro - is it OK if I bring my son with me ?
  11. Yep, I can make it Greg: 10. @Bling
  12. Looks quite nice for an SUV. I have yet to drive electric but heard it is like an RC car with instant acceleration. Is that true ?
  13. ChrisJ - any date Eren - either date Phil - any date Spyros - any date
  14. I haven't done the NC500 yet but hopefully plan to at some point. I have done a 10day trip around the Alps, down to the Italian lakes and back through the Black Forest. That was hands down the best trip I have down. Thoroughly enjoyable. Like the NC500, you have to contend with narrow roads and cyclists. I did it in June when the ice was still melting. The roads were clear but had snow stacked up on the sides and water gushing down over the open tunnel structures. Amazing, as you drive in heat yet have the snow on the side. One of the guys had a snickers bar that had melted in the heat and used the snow to solidify it again when we stopped for a break ! Lovely S3 by the way, is that the one the retired Doctor restored ?
  15. Wow, didn't know that @Bibs. Looks like @Sparky should have tested then they may have had blood and swearing included πŸ˜„
  16. Came across this video of a simulator for mechanics. You can restore a whole Lotus without getting your hands dirty ! Great for people like @Sparky and @CHANGES - would save a few stubbed fingers πŸ˜‰ Looks like you would need to learn Japanese first, or is that Chinese, I can't tell. Who comes up with these ideas.
  17. Either take your normal car for free parking or pay for special parking if taking the Lotus
  18. If going away, are you able to get luggage in the zip bag ?
  19. Wow Dave ( @CHANGES ), that looks like a lot of work but the end result is amazing. John must be really chuffed. Well done on a stunning job!
  20. Nice job guys. Great photos. You must be chuffed Julian. Well done Sparky.
  21. I don’t mind either way @ChrisJ Another option could be to meet at North Weald and then take a trip to Finchingfield for a coffee on the way. It is about half way to Pakenham. Always a good collection of cars and bikes on a Sunday there.
  22. Just saw that announcement. I wasn't planning on going but may change my mind now. Not many tickets left ! Need to think quick, not good at that !
  23. Agree. I guess its just with Social Media, it is more than the passers by knowing what you are up to !! Last year, my son and I saw a rather nice Mercedes R129 SL with AMG kit parked up. Within 30 minutes, through social media, he had found that the guy had bought the car a few hours ago from a dealer about 30 minutes away !
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