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  1. Well done Mark. The only downside is it will now sit in a collection instead of being used as it was intended by Colin and probably Giugiaro as well
  2. 1. Bibs. 2. Dan E 3. Bazza 907 4. Techyd (date dependant) 5. Dave Eds 6 & 7. Chillidoggy (Retired + retired wife) 8. Colin P 9. Benja-p 10. Bling
  3. Great diagram Chris 😄 Looking forward to the morning out and also the Lotus company
  4. Yes, it has taken a while. I really don't know why I didn't wise up earlier 😆
  5. Strange, I didn't know that. I have messaged you.
  6. Hi all, You may have seen a few of my posts on the Forum and maybe my wanted ad in the classifieds. In order to get a wider audience and visibility I though I would also post this here. I am a current Porsche owner looking to move to a Turbo Esprit. I am looking for a well cared for, enthusiast car where it has been treated with knowledgeable care and attention by people who understand the cars and their common foibles - people like you ! My preference is a Giugiaro shape Turbo Esprit but I may be tempted by a later GT3 or S4S. I haven't seen an Esprit in a while but hoping to see some this weekend to get a better idea. If you have one you are considering selling now or in the near future, please contact me by private message on this site. You have nothing to lose and may gain an easy sale. Thanks for reading
  7. I agree with many comments here - Porsche quality is not what it used to be and shocking that 911s, Boxsters and Caymans can suffer catastrophic engine failure. Despite all that, there are some reliable gems in the Porsche stable. I own a 996 turbo which has a GT! derived engine, different to the run of the mill Porsche cars and has no known catastrophic faults. I have owned the car for 11 years and in that time it has been uber reliable. I have taken it on a 2k mile trip around the Alps and regular trips to Le Mans and Spa and it has not let me down once....touch wood. The only downside is it has so much power that there is no where you can use it all in this modern world, hence I am looking to replace it with an Esprit 😆
  8. Bling

    V8 on eBay

    Well done. Looking forward to some pics & vids 😃
  9. Bling

    V8 on eBay

    @Bannerfd3 Post on here what you thought of it. It looks the part. Depends what history he has for the last few years and if the engine was done under the recall back in 2000
  10. Bling

    V8 on eBay

    It is a very tempting car at that price. Looks nice and lots of history so must have been loved by some. Cat D at 1 year old is a worry. if it was nearer I would be tempted to see it and judge with my eyes and ears.
  11. Bling

    V8 on eBay

    Does seem cheap. Was a Cat D write off at one year old though. Must have been serious as the car must have been worth quite a bit at one year old.
  12. RIP - I also liked the fact he spoke his mind and stood for what he believed. Felt rather sorry for him, he went from a man's man, a naval officer leading men into war to second fiddle to the Queen. I don't have anything against the Queen just that Philip was a leader and then ended up in a situation where his wife wore the trousers, as it were. I also had the please of meeting him and shaking his hand once - an occasion to be remembered.
  13. What is the date/moth you are targeting for this @Greg | ValetPro and @Bibs ?
  14. Wow, that is a long love affair. Must have been so sad to part ways but at least you have a modern Louts to keep you company, obviously the younger model has won you over
  15. The mind boggles ! Maybe to attract a new demographic to cars ? I would imagine the current car enthusiasts may not give these guys the respect they need to front a car show - a little like the recent spate of Top Gear presenters
  16. and I thought they were the rare ones, obviously all you lot are hiding them 😄
  17. Amended my name: Chris Pete PAR PainterDave Michael P John Oz Spyros The Bartman and Caroline Senior Kevin and Clare Dave Eds
  18. Put me down as well Chris - Spyros I still may not have a Lotus by then but will come in the Porsche. Would be great to see some of your Loti (is that the plural 🥴) and maybe get to sit in an S3 and a X180 🥺
  19. I also wear Puma speedcats, driving my Porsche. They are very reasonably priced compared to other driving shoes. They are very narrow which makes them great for driving cars with pedals close together but not optimal for walking.
  20. Attention to detail seems to be poor on this restoration yet they are asking top money, especially when you compare to the green CEO car sold in November on The Market
  21. According to the description, the restorer deleted the roof rails as well. I am not an expert but it does look a little high, maybe it is a mild off-road version 😀 Here is another photo showing the de-seaming Anyone, know the car and its history ?
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