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  1. Yes, it would have been just after 4pm. I was coming off the M25 at J24 clockwise. Not enough Esprits for it not to be me and for it to be a coincidence instead.
  2. That may have been me Chris. It is not maroon though, it is Calypso Red and is an ‘85. I was coming back from the Redbourn Classics show. Turned out to be a really good show with a good variety of cars. Here is mine
  3. A quick reminder for anyone interested in this event for the coming Saturday. I plan on attending all things being well.
  4. Bling


    Congratulations @Bibs, that is indeed a lovely gesture and an honour. Don’t worry about Uni. Payment of fees through a student loan do not need declaration of your income. If you are looking for additional funding, there is a minimum grant of around 4k. If she wants any more, you would need to declare your income but she would not be eligible for more if you earn over 48k (I think). So if you do, no point in declaring anything and just claim the minimum.
  5. you didn’t look that drunk to me ! You were inspecting Wayne’s latest self installed mod.
  6. Thank you @Dave Freemanand Megan excellent hospitality. It was great meeting some of you and seeing other again. Thoroughly enjoyed the day. It wouldn’t be a Lotus meet without someone taking the Lotus position 😁
  7. I don’t know. I imagine she may struggle holding a camera 😆
  8. Hi @Dave Freeman, I previously asked about bringing a dog tomorrow. My wife asked if you have any dogs and what gender they are because apparently Dora is 'in season' !! Thanks
  9. I am starting to think that is the best way to go @yeller77 I haven't looked yet but does anyone know of good quality protection film that doesn't discolour, is strong and won't damage the paint when removed ?
  10. I guess the risk is also not leaving the E10 petrol lingering in the car's fuel system
  11. I just read this, scroll down to the bottom of the article: If your car doesn't have Cats, then this Castrol additive seems best otherwise the Lucas option above is good.
  12. I normally use Esso Synergy Plus (their ethanol free super unleaded) but was thinking of carrying something like the above in case I need to fill up and can't find any. Is anynone else using additives with E10 petrol ?
  13. Thanks Paul, I will try that. I have found a supplier in Europe but they will not ship to the UK since Brexit ! They ship to practically every country except UK - crazy !!!
  14. Yes @peteyg - looking for something like that 👍
  15. My Google Fu is quite good John but you will find they are either for later Esprits eg V8, or sold out/unavailable (Amazon) or in Europe. I asked on here to see if anyone knows of any other sources that may not necessarily appear in a google search.
  16. I was think that may be an alternative I can’t find some metal plates
  17. That is very kind of you @Dave Freeman I will bring some Greek fare to put on the barbecue and share, bastourma (spicy Greek sausage) and loukanika (village sausages made with wine). Both these are great sliced into smaller pieces and eaten with lemon as a snack accompaniment to beer/lager. I will also bring some seftalies (minced pork with fresh herbs).
  18. Apparently there is a shortage of cars at the moment. Due to Covid and silicon shortages, there is a shortage of new cars resulting in additional demand for used cars and driving the prices up as well.
  19. Thanks Jon. Mine is a Giugiaro Esprit and not a 25th anniversary so that is not the correct one for my car.
  20. I am looking to buy some covers / protectors for the sills on my Giugiaro Turbo Esprit to stop my shoes damaging the paint. I can find reference to some from a few years ago but I can't find any currently for sale. Does anyone know where I can find them ?
  21. Hint taken. Leave lots of gin and cider in the car when dropping it off for a service 😂
  22. I am not sure what kind of cambelt change I would get after Sparky has had a few Thistly Cross Ciders 😜
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