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    I can recommend the Sage Duo Temp @ChrisJ I have had mine (along with Eureka Mignon grinder) for about 5 years. Still going strong although like you, the milk steamer hardly gets used.
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    What a coincidence. It is a great grinder. It has given me many years of good service and will hopefully continue to do so
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    I used to have a bean to cup but when it finally departed us for the coffee shop in the sky I researched getting another bean to cup but all advice was pushing towards separate items. I finally settled on a Eureka Mignon grinder and a Sage Duo Temp machine. The two make a great coffee and just as easy as a bean to cup. Being separate items means the grinder is better than the built in Sage one and if one or the other breaks I can just replace the one item instead of the whole machine.
  4. Yes, display parking may not be appropriate for everyone but even so, there will be parking for everyone and we can all meet and wander around. I thought it might be a good place to meet up.
  5. Beautiful and shiny....I assume it passed 😁
  6. Was the crash repair paid for privately and does not show up on the HPI check as above ?
  7. Nothing gets in the way of the Esprit !
  8. You're not wrong Ian. From October I will have two sons at Uni meaning accommodation and expenses times two ! Hopefully they will return the favour by looking after me in my old's hoping 🥴
  9. Ditto Robin. Number 2 son got A* A* A* today and got into his first choice Uni. Another step forward and one less hurdle in not having to worry about their future
  10. I thought this might be an interesting place for us all to meet at - Saturday 4 September : Thoughts ?
  11. Looking forward to hear what you though of it @SimonJam
  12. Also, check the age of tyres, You may need to budget for a new set or negotiate the price
  13. Other than the usual things and Barry's advice above, make sure all the electrics work, the fans kick in at the right time and all the keys are present and lock/unlock appropriately.
  14. Thanks for the photos @paulbrown22. They are really useful and as you say, show the same sort of 'curvature' gap. As regards the paint, I intend to drive mine as well but would like it to look immaculate at the same time. My current Porsche was immaculate when I bought it 11 years ago and I have kept it that way. The paint is lovely and super smooth and it has been to Le Mans multiple times, across the Alps, across the UK and many other trips in that time.
  15. It looks like the Esprit Collection has been expanded to include a few more items. Now there is a smorgasbord of Esprits coming up for auction including a Sport 300 joining the 350
  16. It is a very lovely car. It will definitely turn heads when you are out in it. The interior is not standard but it is very nice, I classed it as germanic, that is similar design to what you would expect to see in a Porsche or Mercedes. Definitely worth going to view.
  17. I see all the EM11RA? registrations have disappeared from the DVLA site !
  18. Thanks Justin. Do you think any body shop can do this or does it need a specialist in fibreglass ?
  19. Lovely Justin, a piece of Elise history
  20. I thought the same on the windscreen. I guess many have had windscreen changes over the years. Some may be better than others depending on who changed it and how fussy the owner was with the company ! As regards the cracking by the headlight, it probably has had paint over its near 40 years. The question is, how much work is it to fix the cracking ? From a paint perspective, being red, the whole front will need to be sprayed at least to blend in the paint.
  21. As many of you will know, I am looking to but a Giugiaro Esprit. There are a couple I am looking and had some questions. Both cars have cracking starring in a couple of places. How easy is it to repair cracking/starring. Here us an example below: Another question, knowing Lotus fit and finish is not the best, does the chrome windscreen surround look correct in the corners in the photo below and is it normal for the edge of the roof to not be straight, when looking at the straight line of the glass roof ? Also, is the gap between the chrome windscreen surround and the body what you would expect ?
  22. I have never camped until I went with tents to the Me Mans 24h some years ago. Never again. It rained and it was horrible. In subsequent years we took camper vans that meant we were dry and had some basic amenities
  23. Agreed. This has been debated in Porsche club circles and Esso confirm their Synergy+ is ethanol free, at least until the next round of regulation changes which I think are due in late 2022/2023. I believe Esso are the only ones to guarantee this and the Porsche Club now have a deal for an Esso Fuel card that also gives you extra discounts on their petrol in the summer months.
  24. I was at the auction and it was a guy with his wife that bought it. He didn't look like a dealer but then again, what does a dealer look like ? There was another guy in the room who was biding as well but he dropped out at about £55k. The car did look immaculate though, both inside and out. I didn't check underneath 🙃 Hammond's Bentley S2 went for £29k which seemed a good price to me. It was a mightily impressive car. Again, excellent condition other than the usual cracking in the leather. Not split, just nicely patina'd. The front grill was a thing of glistening beauty. You may need a petrol station to run it though.
  25. The title may be incorrect. The short description sounds like it may not have a turbo. I guess we will have to wait for the full description and photos
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