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  1. What about this one?
  2. Probably the most expensive S1 I have seen for sale:
  3. The Orange S1 that sold at the London Classic Car Show, referred to above, looks like a stonking bargain against this one: Of course, the asking price may not reflect the final sale price.
  4. Mark at Stocks has one for sale.
  5. Just hide the Vauxhall round the corner like I did! Sounds like we are inside anyway.
  6. Dave and Megan Dave Eds Sparky & The Ayatollah Spadger and Denise ChrisJ Painterdave Me me me and Schumacher Pete and Sue Dan E Spyros and one of the family
  7. Is North Weald not an option ? They had some good breakfast (food) options.
  8. Great job @Sparky and thanks for the photos but.......🥴
  9. @SimonJam - there is also this one: The white one is definitely overpriced. You should be looking to pay around £25k for a good one
  10. Good job there @Sparky Can we not talk Lotus without mentioning the word Emira 🙃
  11. That is really cool @Bibs. Such a shame we lost but the boys did well.
  12. Here are some photos I took yesterday (Sunday) at Goodwood. I thought I would contrast them with the Emira:
  13. Great photos @Bibs . I see @Bibs captured the failed purchase then @Dan E 😆
  14. Bling

    Lotus Emira

    I think the AMG engine will be the more desirable but disappointing it can not be ordered with a manual gearbox 😐
  15. Well done Barrie. Tough competition but your gorgeous Essex won through
  16. Sounds great @Bibs = I am looking forward to watching the launch on the FS7
  17. That last part reminded of a sign I once saw in a harbour. It was written in the style of a dictionary definition: boat /bəʊt/ noun 1. a hole in the water into which you throw money
  18. That would also have made happy Barrie. I truly detest people who believe rules do not apply to them
  19. I also thought the orange S1 would fetch more. It should have sold for more given the restoration costs. I felt that generally, the classic car prices at the Classic Car Show and Anglia Car Auctions last week were a little soft. Could it be a sign of the classic car market weakening a little ?
  20. Looks like the Collecting Cars has changed and the link is broken. Here is the updated link for the 350 -
  21. Good write up @Bibs and excellent photos to accompany the article
  22. Lots of Lotus toys to play with 😁
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