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  1. Well done on making TLF a success @Bibs
  2. Glad you managed to get seen by the correct surgeon in the end !! Hopefully it will recover and be better than before the op by xmas. Good luck.
  3. How did it go on Friday @Sparky. Looking (😁) positive ?
  4. Good day out today. Saw @top-plumberat Hilton & Moss and then caught up with @Sparky, @ChrisJand @Hornsey Boy at Malcom Ricketts. It has been a while for me to make a meet so really enjoyed today. Thanks for the company everyone.
  5. "The end of an era" is a very apt statement. May she rest in peace ☹️🙏
  6. Here you go fella:
  7. Sorry I couldn't make it !! Got caught up in work calls until 9pm 🙄
  8. I am sure the eye op will go well @Sparky. Get some well earned rest in the meantime.
  9. Oooh, looking forward to seeing that. Worth the trip just for that 👍
  10. Finally decided ! WHat Lotus are you considering Dan ? You will miss the classic !
  11. This was for sale last year. It was at Cotswold Classic Cars for many months and then it was auctioned off in the Summer. Some links: When it was for sale at dealer last year: When it sold at auction last summer:
  12. I am not a big fan of the Elite but that one looks lovely
  13. Saw your post for the sale of the Esprit...sad. I didn't realise you had been in an accident. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  14. Reminds me of a similar, non electrical incident....🤔 Glad it all ended happily
  15. Some Esprits at this weekend’s Le Mans Classic. sorry some photos too large
  16. Looking good their @Sparky. Throwback to your toddler years 😂
  17. I run my performance cars including the Turbo Esprit only on Esso Synergy Supreme, their E5 super unleaded. In most of the country, this has zero ethanol as ethanol content is an issue for older cars.
  18. From this Sunday’s Classics at Braxted Park event.
  19. How do you know which fuels do not contain the list of additives above ?
  20. Heading anywhere nice @Sparky. Will probably cooler than here today !
  21. Unfortunately I will not be able to make tomorrow now. Need to run to Uni for one of the kids. ChrisJ Dave & Megan Dave Eds Martyn
  22. I will be there for the Classic. Staying off site at a Chateau with some friends but have tickets for the weekend. Not in a Lotus though.
  23. Is that @Sparky already starting his early morning shift ? Would love to have come down and see you again @Dan E but unfortunately have arranged to travel into central London with the wife and some friends. Enjoy the day.
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