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  1. I grew up and still live in the North London suburb of Southgate. My home is on the border with Winchmore Hill. The area is probably more famous for the people who lived here. These included:

    • Sir Thomas Lipton
    • Cliff Richard
    • Rod Stewart
    • The Walker brothers (part of the Taylor Walker (brewery) family but more famous 19th century cricketing family who founded the Middlesex county Cricket Club and established it at Lords)
    • Amy Winehouse
    • Sir John Moore, Lord Mayor, circa 1674
    • David Puttnam (Film producer)
    • Judge Rob Rinder


  2. I think that for the good of society, everyone needs to be vaccinated. It should be no different to the flu vaccine. I don't worry about catching it myself but I do worry for my parents. More importantly, I worry that should you have a serious illness like a heart attack or cancer, the NHS will not have the capacity to treat you due to being overwhelmed by Covid cases or a shortage of staff due to being ill.

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  3. Sorry Bibs and co, I will not be able to make next weekend. There is a family event I can't get out of. I tried asking for a different date but I was out voted. Apologies. I hope everyone has a great time.


    1, 2 & 3: Bibs, Rachel & Chloe

    4 & 5: Sparky & The Ayatollah

    6 & 7:  internets & Mrs internets

    8 & 9: Pete & Sue

    10: ChrisJ - Not coming

    11: Dan E

    12: Spyros - Not coming


    14 & 15: Bart & Caroline 

    16: Cliffy

    17: Scott

    18: Nick

    19: Phil

    20: Dave

    21 & 22 jan ade:thumbup:

    Plenty more room if people want to come and have some fun and a few drinks before Christmas :D

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