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  1. Hi, Thanks a lot for the info. Just to be safe: does the Exige S240/ Exige 260 Cup/ Exige Scura share the same catalytic converter - and part number - despite the 20hp difference? Thanks.
  2. Hello guys, I'm a bloke from Spain - I've owned my 2010 Exige Scura (1 out of 35 worldwide) for 2 years now. I'm pretty happy about her. I'm attaching some pics of the car. Car is 100% stock except for the exhaust - a Quiksilver stainless steel is installed. However at the anual MOT test if failed on emission tests. Otherwise car is working pretty well, only 35.000km on odometer, annual services, etc. Pristine condition. I'm almost sure the "sports cat" is no longer doing its job. Question: is the Corolla 1.8 VVTI - engine code 2ZZ-GE catalytic converter exactly the same as the stock Lotus Scura/Cup 260 catalytic converter? Would it do the job despite Corolla is "just" 190hp and Scura is 260hp? Do anyone know were to order an original "Lotus" catalytic converter - if different from the Corolla? Thank you guys for your help.
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