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    OhlinsTTX+mechatronix/KTPowerSteering/KT475kit Building the HEAVIEST Exige for DD
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  1. I've never seen a carbon spoiler that didn't get oxidation.
  2. Anyone know where I could get the rotors found in the second last page of the brochure? Pretty sure Jubu does not sell if u dont own their car.
  3. Correct, I wanted ohlins from the factory or something other than nitrons and they wouldn't allow it so i went with the cheapest model since i'll have to replace everything anyways.
  4. Dunno whatever i can fit up there will be buying up used tires and trying plenty of r888r's round these parts tho.
  5. I've seen some people pull off 235 in 17 so i'd like like to attempt 245 but would still be happy with 235
  6. Anyone make them? Oh and Yes i'm only asking with intent on 800+whp
  7. I have to say being able to zero out the suspension for the straights/potholes and switch back over to more aggressive with corners and the push of a button really is pretty amazing. On the ohlins TTX with mechatronix it rides like a lexus in the straights
  8. Also when i hold race button for 1 sec on the aim dash it says ESP OFF does that mean traction control is totally off?
  9. Anyone know if ESP OFF on the aim dash means traction control is fully off? Tapping race till it's red makes the yellow traction on the right go on but if u hold it for a second it says esp off on the dash?
  10. I'm having the opposite problem pulling out most of the shims in the front and can't get past 1.1degrees
  11. Could you have the 4 settings be left right brake/accel? Then use a yaw sensor to trigger the different modes? I saw an on track video with the old coilovers above and the tractive below and the camera bouncing around was almost eliminated with the tractive.... Just can't find that bloody video anymore all I can find is the focus rs on autobahn one....
  12. Too bad the motec C127's are out of stock or i'd toss the aim in a heartbeat.
  13. I'm 225 front with 295 rear on 4s which are known to lose chunks on lapdays from overheating... maybe they wont chunk on me as the exige is so light? I have aftermarket suspension and wheels. Probally gonna try a 235/18 in the front next.
  14. So does race mode constantly learn in that once it detect slip and sets it self what happens if later you hit a damper part of the track? I would assume it would slip again and adjust as the conditions get worse? While on the other hand if you slip with cold tires and it sets itself.... after the tires warm up you'd still be held back as you wouldn't induce another slip with sticker tires?
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