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  1. Thanks for clearing that up at that price I was hoping it would be TI.
  2. Yes that is the one. Why would they sell me the OE lotus muffler if thats what is too loud to begin with? Further why would it not be streetlegal and track use only if it's OE lotus?
  3. Personally i'd get a rs3 with some mods over a gtr unless i was going for for 2000hp+
  4. Did you just say the komotec silent exhaust is the lotus OE one?
  5. Dont worry no rim lip polishing going on here
  6. Gonna get some bc te37 style gold wheels to go with my metalic grey 390
  7. I've got the KT more expensive one, it's the only one that has DB ratings. Nothing would be worse than getting something cheaper but not making the DB limit.
  8. Your probally right I must be confusing the 8 wide with the komotec wheels. Why would I? Because the rest of the car is modified with the KT475 kit and more.
  9. Yup you are right dealer said they all came with same size forged wheels. So lotus never made a 17x8 forged wheel for the exige not even the 430 cup?
  10. Anyone know what they are on a v6 390 front and rear?
  11. Has anyone tried simply bolting up 430 wheels and tires which are wider and was any body work needed or was it straightforward? 350 is 205/45/17 front 17x7.5 with Rear being 265/35/18 18x9.5 430cup is 215/45/17 front 17x8 and rear 285/30/18 18x10
  12. My dealer told me all the FE's used the same wheels so thats why i was hoping for 8.0 Please do keep us posted if u ever wind up measuring it.
  13. Any chance you can check if your front wheels are 7.5 or 8?
  14. Can anyone confirm if their 390 came with 205/265 or 215/285 tires?
  15. Car has all the response it needs with a supercharger no need to go such high comp would rather more boost.
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