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  1. I want to get but I have a 390FE any idea if they are interchangable?
  2. Learn from my mistake that water spots and octane booster stains arn't covered. So i'm paying out of pocket to have the rear and roof redone. Then I will ceramic coat them for protection
  3. Maybe I have the 475 komotec kit on it and it's really underbraking the car. nankangs are 100tw as far as i'm concerned. I think i'm on ds1.11 race mode.
  4. I'm telling you my car is more limited by not being able to slow down fast enough vs cornering speed. It's not worth the trade off and i dont want to use 100 TW tires.
  5. At this point i'm thinking it's not worth the hassle as the car already struggles with abs lock up under half pedal pressure with race pads.
  6. So I guess noone has gotten the oem aim dash working with reverse camera? I'm ditching it all for motec
  7. Anyone else make an interchangable track/street splitter? Alias23 wont ship large items anymore....
  8. Is it just me or are pictures in this thread even one page back not working anymore?
  9. I've got the b8 on oem rails but it hits the shift console so i'm gonna switch rails and try b5's altho i have a 6 point...
  10. What is it that gets in the way of using normal belts wiht the B6? sides being too high for the female part of the 3 point oem belt?
  11. Heres a little treat from xclutch If you are requiring more torque capacity than our stage 2 kits, we offer a 7.25” twin sprung ceramic disc clutch for the Evora. This clutch is part number XKLT18530-2B and is rated for 900 ft. Lbs. at the flywheel. This uses a full faced ceramic disc along with a sprung hub and is more friendly for street driving compared to a rigid paddle style disc.
  12. Personally i'd rather wait to see the clutch slipping before going with something more hardcore.
  13. IF thats the one i doubt your gonna come into any problems as it's rated for 680ft/lbs. Glad to hear about oem drivability tho thats unexpected.
  14. Is this the clutch you have in the car? Did you wind up doing anything with exedy? The xclutches kinda suck in terms of drivability. I would prefer a full face disc like the exedy. Hopefully your getting the golfball treatment on the heads as i'll be sending mine for just that!
  15. Thats because you wern't foolish enough to mess with the oem TB. Ever car that i've changed TB's on had to get another swap to get it working right.
  16. Does that mean I can't order one? under 3k km's and my drivers door is stuck so hard that i had to open from passenger side.
  17. I'd have to disagree with the air vents. In the tropics the ac barely is noticible even with the updated komotec vents. However the problem lies with the exige cabin air mode closed it still lets in 30% of outside air and is not completely sealed. Which is why even my s2000 is way colder than the exige.
  18. No clue but clearly you can see theres a giant gap preventing the driver seat from moving back enough for anyone above 5'8
  19. Anyone know if the final editions have a transmission cooler? I found this but it's for the 350/380 I do notice my trans doesn't shift as nicely on a hot track. I swear they designed it to pop like crazy at exactly 60kmph i was once doing downhill maintaining 60kmph and it just kept popping for a minute straight without touching any pedals.
  20. Komotec harness bar lose 3 inches of seat travel and passenger seat no longer fits. Waited months for this final edition fit.
  21. Does your Xpel have any seems? I was told the car was too curvey to be without seems...
  22. I'm only in sport currently. No one can confirm if ESP off in race is totally off?
  23. I've got 225/45/17's on the front in pilot 4s for the street and with ds1-11 pad even at half brake it trips the ABS the bicycle tires in the front are really killing this cars potential even with the kt 475 kit the rears dont break loose as often as the front abs gets tripped
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