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  1. About 12k from the factory to upgrade to CF hatches front and back. Any aftermarket options?
  2. Wow I just noticed how cheap and ghetto the plastic rear hatch and front hatch are any suggestions for replacements? I just can't stand the cheap plastic mesh they used, on a 410 it's at least metal mesh/cf.
  3. I picked up one of these to have red light instead and no wireless BT garbage frying me. Imagine it should be a direct plug and play. Sony CDX-G1200U 55Wx4ch max CD Receiver with USB and Aux Inputs
  4. I have a hardtop car so there are more parts required to make the softtop work but still thats alot more...... This was dealers response This is for the complete kit with labour taxes and we need to remove, do a special cut on the car etc Regarding the stereo Bluelight is an absolute no no for me there is no way to change it to red? In the demo mode does it even show it's capable of red?
  5. Anyone have the deck/stereo model that comes with the car? I got the cf roof but i also wanted the soft top didn't know the soft cost almost 5k lol
  6. Sure do shoulda gotten the 410 the inotec shifter doesn't fit on the final edition.
  7. Guess you dont want to have gt3's at the track looking at your rear end then What are the brake options to go radial mount on this platform? I like the magnetic posts but unless u can lock them doesn't it make it easy for someone to ground your positive terminal if they wanted to defeat an alarm or something?
  8. I like that new supra with a body kit >.<
  9. Installing the MWR shifter along with cable kit missing these parts....
  10. Anyone got any install pics? Do these bungs have to be cutout/replaced?
  11. Hows that exhaust holding up for the tracks?
  12. Are the service manuals online somewhere? Room for turbos in the rear wheel arches? gt28's internally gated?
  13. Thats the problem with aftermarket blowers they always break belts.
  14. Straight piped v6 doesn't seem that loud then again u can't even hear the ferrari's or porsches.
  15. Yep so quiet 95% and attention whore when i want the valve open 5%.
  16. Just curious about the exhaust what if I went with the lotus track quiet exhaust and did a flapper valve to bypass the muffler when I wanted would that throw any weird codes?
  17. Does the design allow for a top like the s2000 or a manual top u can store in trunk? Living in a tropical climate makes the s2k a perfect DD. Would be nice if this could also do it.
  18. Can you guys post up some pictures of this sill area that should be double coated? I just got some of the alias 23 sills in....
  19. What types of camera are u guys using and where do u mount it? Also can u use attach a camera to use on the AIMdash as a reverse camera?
  20. I'd love a set of fender vents but not paying that much for them....
  21. Looks like this Carbon Frontsplitter "KT-Track" Exige V6 | Komo-Tec Onlineshop does not include: 2311-001 KT-Track upper Vents (set) $3080.00 2311-002 KT-Track A-Panels (set) $4325.00
  22. I've already got most of my parts here before the cars even arrived new wheels from BC, ohlins ttx, some alias23 scoops/sills/lipguard. More stuff coming from KT.
  23. Maybe you need to get a big union jack on the car.
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