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  1. Could you have the 4 settings be left right brake/accel? Then use a yaw sensor to trigger the different modes? I saw an on track video with the old coilovers above and the tractive below and the camera bouncing around was almost eliminated with the tractive.... Just can't find that bloody video anymore all I can find is the focus rs on autobahn one....
  2. Too bad the motec C127's are out of stock or i'd toss the aim in a heartbeat.
  3. I'm 225 front with 295 rear on 4s which are known to lose chunks on lapdays from overheating... maybe they wont chunk on me as the exige is so light? I have aftermarket suspension and wheels. Probally gonna try a 235/18 in the front next.
  4. So does race mode constantly learn in that once it detect slip and sets it self what happens if later you hit a damper part of the track? I would assume it would slip again and adjust as the conditions get worse? While on the other hand if you slip with cold tires and it sets itself.... after the tires warm up you'd still be held back as you wouldn't induce another slip with sticker tires?
  5. Pretty good so far spilled some boostane and it didn't hurt the paint
  6. Anyone know how many psi the 390FE blower puts out?
  7. I'm talking about the manual to take off clams/torquespecs engine specs et
  8. Have a final edition but the latest manual i found was 2012... anyone have anything more up to date?
  9. Havn't been able to get ahold of Simon at Tractive have you talked to him lately by chance?
  10. Maybe using a thick paint like bed liner would last longer?
  11. Do you still have access to the front dampers? I need to know the inner and outer spring diameter as well as the shaft diameter
  12. See how you feel about that if they put 285's up front.
  13. Thats what happens with no power steering to please the public u gotta put bicycle tires on the front.
  14. How about the R888R i'm told thats the newest verison
  15. I know 225/45/17 nankings fit but i'm gonna shoot for 235/40/18 with custom offsets.
  16. Not really applicable as the jubu car has wider front fenders
  17. So far it's been the most expensive car i've had that doesn't even have a cabin airfilter to keep the smog out. Also lotus fail only car that can't fit it's own cover
  18. So tempting the tractive is going to coming with push button ride height adjustment but might take a couple years
  19. Only if u wana be a tard and not get the alias23 lip protector
  20. I'd want brakes that have good cold bite for the street. It's ironic I have to get aftermarket pads to do that now trying the ds11-1. If it was the track pad that required heating up.... that would make sense. But for a streetpad to have shitty bite on the street cold makes no sense as thats when you might really need the braking.
  21. I contacted them yesterday they only sell cars and dont offer such a service.
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