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  1. Can anyone confirm if their 390 came with 205/265 or 215/285 tires?
  2. Car has all the response it needs with a supercharger no need to go such high comp would rather more boost.
  3. Why are all the aftermarket pistons for this v6 engine high 10:1 why not 9:1 or 8.5:1 with more boost?
  4. Anyone know what the rotor size is on the 390FE? Looking at a 343 alcon upgrade.
  5. Metalic Grey Getting some BC rt51's in amber/gold ohlins ttx. Carbon sills both hard and soft top. Once I figure out which parts fit on v6 exige vs FE390 which i'm guessing is everything... I'll be paying that garage shimaya a big order. Had they allowed me to get something other than nitrons i may have got a 430 instead.
  6. Shocked that they just dont transition to tubular piping for that
  7. Going 225/45/17 and 285/30/18 would allow me to run the good year supercar tire..... What does it take to go 225 in the front?
  8. Has anyone verified if this actually allows wider tire with a coilover say ohlins ttx?
  9. I know it comes with the same blower as the 430, but i couldn't get the fire extinguisher option those are only 420/430.
  10. Dealer now tells me factory is running behind on orders and may shut down taking new orders.
  11. My dealer told me that the hardtop and soft top mounting points are different so whichever u spec the car with is what u can use. Can't have both i tried.
  12. I've got a 390 FE on order as well no shortage here, must have been that specific dealers allotment limit.
  13. I'd buy your car in a heartbeat if it was LHD but i emailed to replicate the ttx with mechatronics setup and it's actually 4000 for the ohlins and 4060 for the mechantronics incase you were wondering where all your mod money went
  14. Thanks i think i'll get that instead altho i'm not sure what the diff is between a final edition 430 cup vs a normal 430 cup? Was kinda fearing all the 420 jokes.
  15. So aside from CF and 10 hp light weight wheels, ti exhaust, cf roof ,AP brakes whats the difference between the 430 and 420. The 430cup seems to be street friendly and compliant...
  16. Looks like komotec has them but .... not oficially from ohlins
  17. They only offer 06-11 exige on the ohlins website anyone know otherwise?
  18. What do you guys think about getting ohlins for the 420 instead of the 3 way nitrons? I'm VERY happy with the street manners of the r/t series. People have been saying the 390 is more dd friendly due to not having the nitron 3ways... Trying to decide between the ohlins 2-3 ways is tricky as well...
  19. I'm in Panama but are these going to be RHD only or can we get LHD? I know that NA wont get them..
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