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  1. Has anyone put evora front brakes on an exige or is that what this is?

    i'll be gong with 18 in the front and i see evora use 19

    Was the exige ever given 6 pots from the factory? I want more initial bite with street pads and i see that they sell these pads .

  2. Has anyone put evora front brakes on an exige or is that what this is?

    Was the exige ever given 6 pots from the factory? I want more initial bite with street pads and i see that they sell these pads .

  3. On 13/06/2022 at 05:51, By420 said:

    Hi, I have attached a photos of the two options, I went for the full front.





    Learn from my mistake that water spots and octane booster stains arn't covered. So i'm paying out of pocket to have the rear and roof redone. Then I will ceramic coat them for protection

  4. On 07/03/2022 at 15:54, RoflOnMyWaffle said:

    Tilletts are a definite upgrade, try them all, personally B6 Screamers would be better if you fit. But you will lose the ability of normal seatbelts.

    17 hours ago, El-RGB said:

    I know another ex-Exige owner who has an automobile design workshop in Canton, and he can probably do the custom design and build it at a price. Let me know if you are interested.


    Definitely interested , looking good.


  5. Heres a little treat from xclutch

    If you are requiring more torque capacity than our stage 2 kits, we offer a 7.25” twin sprung ceramic disc clutch for the Evora. This clutch is part number XKLT18530-2B and is rated for 900 ft. Lbs. at the flywheel. This uses a full faced ceramic disc along with a sprung hub and is more friendly for street driving compared to a rigid paddle style disc.  

  6. 10 hours ago, Mattmahope said:

    No, I have been running the full face ceramic XClutch. Driveability has been OEM or better.

    Yes, cylinder heads will be fully ported and polished.

    IF thats the one i doubt your gonna come into any problems as it's rated for 680ft/lbs.

    Glad to hear about oem drivability tho thats unexpected.

  7. On 16/05/2020 at 08:22, Mattmahope said:

    After what feels like an absolute age (my car has been in Mendig since mid January), the new TVS1900 kit is finally installed!  I am really pleased with how it looks in the engine bay from the the limited pictures I have.  And it certainly does the numbers on the dyno - 493hp and 523NM of torque.  The kit is capable of plenty more but we have kept to reasonable levels to avoid the need for forged internals and gearbox work at this stage (at least hopefully!).

    My biggest concern is that the clutch will hold up.  I fitted a new Evora 400 clutch in October 2018, which seems to cope fine with the EX460 kit, although mine has around 50NM more torque, so will be right at the limit.  I'd be interested to hear any thoughts on alternative clutch options from anyone running big power/torque on their cars.  From my research it looks like Exedy and XClutch are the two obvious candidates, although finding a clutch that is able to deal with track driving and that much torque (and potentially more in future) on one hand, while also having good road manners on the other hand, might be a bit challenging.  I couldn't help but notice that Exedy do a very tasty looking carbon option, although I remember all those tales about the Carrera GT's clutch when that was released and not sure I fancy having to warm it up each time I start driving! Still pretty cool though...

    Is this the clutch you have in the car?

    Did you wind up doing anything with exedy? The xclutches kinda suck in terms of drivability. I would prefer a full face disc like the exedy.

    On 01/06/2022 at 09:33, Mattmahope said:

    Depends on which dyno you believe, but somewhere around 490hp. Engine is currently out of the car for a fully forged rebuild, so will see what numbers we get after that…!

    Hopefully your getting the golfball treatment on the heads as i'll be sending mine for just that!

  8. On 28/05/2020 at 10:56, Mark030358 said:

    @Mattmahope Hi mate, So happy for you. I think I said a while ago after my upgrade, the KT are just fantastic, really customer focused and their kit is as you say, OEM or better. I was really impressed when I went, and given your experiences just confirmed what I have always thought, that for an expensive upgrade such as this its the only place to go.

    Interesting re your low throttle openings, the Ex460 is exactly the same when starting from cold and needs say 1/2 mile to settle down (i.e. the engine to warm up) but after that is perfect. I did the Alps in mine last year and your right, the cars just rip through the gears... and the howl Is beyond belief 👍👍




    ps you now need to get hold of Dan to make up the front and rear decals, they are exact as I sent him a template when I did mine. His work is first class.


    Thats because you wern't foolish enough to mess with the oem TB. Ever car that i've changed TB's on had to get another swap to get it working right.

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