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  1. On 11/05/2021 at 13:36, Matthew Wright said:

    According to the Lotus media site

    All the final editions are on the same sized forged wheels, they list the fronts at 7.5" and rear as 10"

    Yup you are right dealer said they all came with same size forged wheels. So lotus never made a 17x8 forged wheel for the exige not even the 430 cup?

  2. On 22/03/2021 at 06:58, GFWilliams said:

    Little update... Spring clean was needed on my car and a few weeks ago I spent the day under the car using dry ice to clean the underside of the car and then protecting it with spray wax.   Dry ice is a non abrasive way of cleaning mechanical components and I was very impressed. It doesn't strip the surface coatings, only the dirt, so this is just a way of cleaning properly to then be able to protect for longer.   Eventually I'll do a full suspension refresh, but this has helped to protect it for a good while longer.  The trick if using wax to protect the underside of a car is to do it regularly, and as I didn't have a garage for a while I'd let it slip. In future I'll do it at least every 6 months.

    Under the sea before image:


    After looking much much better:



    Before/after split image which shows how much better the car looks now!



    My exhaust has been blowing and getting worse recently, and I suspected it was the Flexi in the Y pipe (again! This is my second one now). The decat link pipe I'd put in before was a bit of a nightmare to fit and was putting too much pressure on the flexi due to not fitting perfectly. Unfortunately this means the expensive Y pipe now has to go in the bin. To try to fix the problem more long term, I've decided to put in a 400 series Y pipe with the sports cat from Komotec.  @Seriouslylotusnow keeps Komo-tec in stock, so it was with me the next day!

    Before anyone comments, yes it's suppose to have the "dent". This is to fit around the gearbox.  Hopefully by having a full komotec and OEM system now, instead of a mix of komotec and 2bular, it'll fit a bit better and not cause any future problems.



    Car will be a bit quieter with a cat back in, but to be honest, I'm fed up of it being so loud anyway, so it'll be nice change. 

    Eventually I'll buy the new komo-tec quiet exhaust so I can do trackdays again, as this Y pipe doesn't fit my old quiet exhaust (nothing's ever easy is it...)

    Shocked that they just dont transition to tubular piping for that

  3. 1 hour ago, Tex said:

    There are a number of differences between the Cup 430 and 410/420 some cosmetic but others performance related. Been covered many times on other posts, although no doubt the 430 is fine for just road use 

    Thanks i think i'll get that instead altho i'm not sure what the diff is between a final edition 430 cup vs a normal 430 cup?

    Was kinda fearing all the 420 jokes.

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