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  1. thanks Escape, agree with you that if I was hardly gonna use the car i'd get a carcoon but looking for something such a palaver with reasonably regular use (likely a couple of times a week after the honeymoon period).
  2. I am looking for outdoor storage / garage / protection for when my car arrives in 3 months. I have looked at carcoon (a bit of a palaver getting it in a out easily), and airchamber amongst other things. I know there's an outdoor cover you can get from this site which looks pretty good - has anyone got any suggestions?
  3. I see pics are here are from the factory - is there anyway to go and view your own car in factory or is it strictly out of bounds due to covid still?
  4. Just thought I'd my name to this list of Sport240FE - I toyed with changing to an Emira but happily sticking with the Elise. I have ordered Liquid Yellow / Black Wheels / Black leather with yellow stitching. Living in Northern Ireland I decided against Orange or Green. August build slot, hope to get a factory visit - Can't wait
  5. @gregs24agreed you are spot-on
  6. @Bibs thanks for the offer though for me it's a good reason to come over and see my folks (even though you promise to be gentle - you mean gentle overtaking, gently over a ton, gently up to 7K revs lol) @jep thanks - to be fair it was reading through this forum for over the years that told me B&C were excellent (I kept hearing Jamie's name been mentioned). So thanks to TLF
  7. @Bravo73 thanks yes, not sure about the bobble hat though great video!
  8. Just booked a build slot for - probably gonna get delivery October / November. Not finalised my options, been bouncing around from Chrome Orange or some kinda blue (probably Daytona Blue). Spent a while thinking of getting the 250 cup but couldn't see the point as I likely wont track it, much. Options I went for: Hard Top Black pack Black wheels Leather seats Orange interior pack Orange stitching Leather steering wheel Black floor mats Full carpet (not sure if it makes much of difference, any ideas) Sound proofing Carbon fibre sills (more room to get in) Stereo (Just to get it wired and ill probably change the speakers as i heard they are probably the cheapest Lotus could get) Aircon (wasn't gonna get it but Jamie at B&C said it was worth it) I went around the factory with my Dad about 10 years ago and decided I wanted to get one so it's all exciting but wow, they aren't cheap. I must be crazy but hey-ho we are only here once and I'm not getting younger!
  9. Hi Guys, I've been poking my nose in this forum for quite some time and a couple of days I took the plunge to realise a dream: I have put my deposit down and secured a build slot for a new Elise 240, which I'll likely get October / November time. Still on the fence with orange or blue though very excited - I ordered through Bell and Colvill near Guildford.
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