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  1. Hi guys, well 19 weeks today, the Lotus 131 will be launched at Goodwood.
  2. Hi, Lotus Silverstone, they are brilliant and very knowledgeable and helpful. I fully recommend them. Yours, Karl
  3. Hi, I expressed an interest appropriately 18 months ago. I was asked to pay and paid the deposit 30th January 2021.
  4. Believe me I wont be buying a base model 131.
  5. Dont forget, the Evija may only be 44 inches tall, but at 176 long and 79 wide, it has quite a foot print.
  6. Hi, yes it was just a thought about Mercedes/AMG. I can only imagine Lotus would want the top of the 131 to have more than the 430 BHP of Evora and Exige.
  7. Hi, that would be nice, they have not mentioned that. It's ok as I have a run around car. 131 only to be used for Club and track days.
  8. Hi, they have given me a guide price, I am told it varies with what engine you have. But it broadly spans the current Lotus range price.
  9. Hi Stephen, I have looked at the Lotus Evija configurator to see what colours look like, colours may differ for 130 though. I dont know much im afraid, but possible engines could be from 350, 410 430. Also as Geely have taken a 10% stake in Mercedes, does this give Lotus permission to go routing round their parts bin? AMG 500-600 BHP?
  10. Hi Stephen, yes cant wait. I first showed an interest at 70th at Hethel. Im told im having chassis 1.
  11. I have got a lotus 131 on order. I am told it looks very much like 130. Should be a good looking car. Also, possible launch 8th to 11th July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
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