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  1. usually cars built after july are designated next model year. so many FE's are 2022MY, as is my 390.
  2. thanks! the plate holder came with the car. i assume it's standard?
  3. my dealer told me the first service at around 1500km will consist of an oil change (free of charge). but they also said that lotus tests every new car on their track, wot and everything, so run in may not be that necessary. confusing...
  4. congrats! car looking great!
  5. ordered in feb and current schedule is mid-dec delivery (originally july).
  6. are other FE buyers experiencing delays in getting your cars? mine was originally scheduled to ship in july, then the date keeps getting pushed back. as of now it's scheduled to ship out next week.
  7. should be getting mine late sept/early oct.
  8. i'm in the exact same boat as you. i commend them for going hydraulic steering instead of the mainstream epas, and i'm sure it'll still handle great, but 1400kg+ is just, dare i say, heavy.
  9. i didn't spec j hooks either. someone halt the standard rotor supply!
  10. congrats! amazing car! my 390 is scheduled for july production, so won't be getting it until sometime later...
  11. delta3

    Nissan GTR

    i'm sure by now you are well aware of the differences between the 2 cars. night and day. there's a reason exige prices are what they are. it's an experience that's hard to match by any car. but if you're ok with spending 80k for a gtr, but "can't get your head around" spending 80k for an exige, then it seems your mind is already made up. perhaps you should go over to the gtr forums. i gotta say, the fact that someone is cross shopping between the 2 boggles my mind. 😂
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