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  1. are other FE buyers experiencing delays in getting your cars? mine was originally scheduled to ship in july, then the date keeps getting pushed back. as of now it's scheduled to ship out next week.
  2. should be getting mine late sept/early oct.
  3. i'm in the exact same boat as you. i commend them for going hydraulic steering instead of the mainstream epas, and i'm sure it'll still handle great, but 1400kg+ is just, dare i say, heavy.
  4. i didn't spec j hooks either. someone halt the standard rotor supply!
  5. congrats! amazing car! my 390 is scheduled for july production, so won't be getting it until sometime later...
  6. delta3

    Nissan GTR

    i'm sure by now you are well aware of the differences between the 2 cars. night and day. there's a reason exige prices are what they are. it's an experience that's hard to match by any car. but if you're ok with spending 80k for a gtr, but "can't get your head around" spending 80k for an exige, then it seems your mind is already made up. perhaps you should go over to the gtr forums. i gotta say, the fact that someone is cross shopping between the 2 boggles my mind. 😂
  7. rubbish. how is it 4.5 stars and not 5? lol
  8. i'll also be getting an additional soft top after delivery. not sure how much it costs, but guessing it won't be an issue.
  9. it's mostly personal preference imo, i didn't want those options bc i only use it for spirited drives so i want the sounds and don't want the weight. i just got the basic floor mats. yellow calipers will get dirty but still looks nice if u like the bling. from what i gathered, 390 seems to have the same supercharger (not 100% sure tho).
  10. awesome! looking forward to the video
  11. daytona blue, black pack, black wheels, body colour interior, ac, radio
  12. fire red sure seems popular! my 390 fe is in daytona blue. slotted in for july production. the wait is killing me...
  13. or perhaps another option would be, when time comes to replace the rubber gates, just replace the whole thing with moroso.
  14. noted, thanks. the car will see track time and canyon runs. sticky rubber of course. just hoping for no leakage! (sump)
  15. that's what my dealer told me as well lol
  16. just put down deposit today for 390. no delivery schedule as of yet. does anyone know if the 390 comes with baffled sump, 410/430 clutch & flywheel, and gearbox cooler? (dealership is unsure and needs to confirm.) thanks in advance!
  17. hello everyone, my dealer said they could spec a coupe with soft top as it saves weight without splurging for the carbon fiber roof and said it most likely wouldn't affect structural rigidity or safety. what are your thoughts? i'm not concerned about increased nvh. thanks!
  18. is moroso the current consensus on best baffled sump? how about lotus motorsport or komo-tec or? considering one myself... thanks!
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