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  1. On 22/05/2022 at 09:55, DangerousDave said:

    Anyone know if the final editions have a transmission cooler?

    I found this but it's for the 350/380

    I do notice my trans doesn't shift as nicely on a hot track.

    I swear they designed it to pop like crazy at exactly 60kmph i was once doing downhill maintaining 60kmph and it just kept popping for a minute straight without touching any pedals.


  2. On 21/12/2021 at 13:09, Sam Downey said:

    Ok thanks guys. That's confusing. I guess I have to rely on the dealer as they are getting their information from Lotus.

    @Matt W No, it didn't cost me anything, and there is in fact a little voucher thing in the service booklet that says it covers labour for that 'service' but you need to pay for any oil or consumables. But in my case, because there was no oil change, there was none.

    I hope it's got the right oil in it....
    I guess it's possible it could be different for overseas markets.

    my dealer told me the first service at around 1500km will consist of an oil change (free of charge). but they also said that lotus tests every new car on their track, wot and everything, so run in may not be that necessary. confusing...

  3. On 08/10/2021 at 16:55, Inversed said:

    As you can read in this thread and the other one, there are few of us here who are experiencing same delays. My car was also scheduled for July, but it has been built at the end of September. Whole production got pushed back as a result of global parts shortage. I'm looking forward to you posting your beautiful Daytona Blue Exige when you receive it, I love that color.

    thanks! will do.

  4. 8 hours ago, DrBru said:

    Granted I think the running costs of the Exiges are going to be far less than say a GTR or something like a turbo s...Ive driven all of the Exiges and whilst the 350/390 are really good, i did think there was a fair difference with the 410 etc. 


    I actually believe the prices on the Exiges won't really drop and could even increase in the future but Im still stuck trying to get my head around spending 80k on one....If I could find a second hand 410 around the 60-70k bracket I would def go for that over the other cars that I have mentioned but haven't seen a single 410 under 70k other than the odd one in a colour that I dont like

    i'm sure by now you are well aware of the differences between the 2 cars. night and day. there's a reason exige prices are what they are. it's an experience that's hard to match by any car. but if you're ok with spending 80k for a gtr, but "can't get your head around" spending 80k for an exige, then it seems your mind is already made up. perhaps you should go over to the gtr forums.

    i gotta say, the fact that someone is cross shopping between the 2 boggles my mind. 😂

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  5. 1 hour ago, Inversed said:

    I'm specing my 390FE now with dealer and I have few questions.

    Currently I'm thinking about getting Solid Yellow (first lotus has to be yellow) one with black-pack, but asking dealer if they can make it with yellow roof. Black wheels, alcantara seats and wheel, yellow stitching. AC and radio.  No carbon fibre stuff.

    What do you think about sound insulation upgreade (790€)? It's going to be driven mostly on road for trips. Yes/No?
    Yellow (350€) or black brake calipers? They probably get dirty fast anyways?
    What about full interior carpeting, anyone know if thats nice upgrade?
    Do you know if 390 has same supercharger as 420?

    it's mostly personal preference imo, i didn't want those options bc i only use it for spirited drives so i want the sounds and don't want the weight. i just got the basic floor mats. yellow calipers will get dirty but still looks nice if u like the bling. from what i gathered, 390 seems to have the same supercharger (not 100% sure tho).

  6. On 25/03/2021 at 07:39, ShodanJAB said:

    It seems as though my 390FE should be one of the first UK customer deliveries. April delivery apparently.

    I'll have to do a YouTube review I guess then. 😀


    awesome! looking forward to the video

  7. 17 hours ago, MrD said:

    IMO, the baffled sump is an upgrade only if you visit the track regularly and you are a quick driver (to warrant the benefits of having one) - otherwise is a pain in the ass.

    Something I found out after I bought my car was that the rubber gates inside the sump need to be replaced every 2 years. Which means extra labour for dropping the sump (with risk of leaking in the future if not done properly) plus the kit. 


    noted, thanks. the car will see track time and canyon runs. sticky rubber of course. just hoping for no leakage! (sump)

  8. 11 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

    Unfortunately with Lotus, what is mentioned in press releases or official documentation doesn’t always make it into the production cars. 

    But I hope that it does in this case. 

    that's what my dealer told me as well lol

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