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  1. On my Eclat, the right headlight no longer goes up. But the relay switches, I think that the motor is defective. Where can I buy an engine?
  2. Thank you, is my second living room
  3. Bilder werden sicher am 09. Mai 21 kommen Ich fahre seit 2013 meinen Volvo PV544 und dieses Jahr hat der Eclat seine Premiere
  4. Here are some photos from my restoration The rear wheel bearings were changed, the camshaft box sealed ...
  5. Thanks for the tips, with the Wilwood brake I have had good experience with my Volvo 740 rally at the ring. I first have to gain experience with the Lotus at the RedBull Ring in Austria.
  6. Thanks for the info, then I'll use better brake pads and put an air duct to the brake
  7. Hello Tom Thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately I'm not that technically gifted. Is there a way to use the Esprit's brake?
  8. I would like to install a front ventilated disc brake on my Eclat 2.2 1982. Can anyone give me a tip
  9. Hi, unfortunately i speak english very badly and therefore work with the google translator. I come from southern Germany and have owned my eclat since 2012. It was always in the garage and is only now being restored. the car is basically ready to drive, but needs a technical overhaul. Toothed belt, water pump with oil seals, rear brake, rear wheel suspension ... it's my first lotus. i would also like to use the eclat in historic races and hope for help with technical questions. My car is a Lotus eclat 2.2 Rivera 1982 Helmut
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