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  1. If you are anywhere near Scotland then Robert and the team @ Incredible Detail were superb with my brand new Exige. They deal with Lotus and qMcLaren dealers locally.
  2. These pics make me so pleased i had my car ppf’d before i collected it from new. Those chips can and do happen when following other cars. Worth factoring this into the cost of any exige you are looking at buying?
  3. Hi Simon, I’ve only cover 1400 miles myself so I can sympathise if that’s the case. will be a great buy for someone who missed out on a 20th. Wondering what he has bought next 😂
  4. Simon, I see your friend has decided to change the car after only 1800 miles?
  5. Thanks for the update Andy. As you mentioned you are moving away from the marque but many of us (myself included) have just invested a lot of money into the brand and want to know about all aspects (good and bad) of Parks Lotus. Funny you mention but a lot of lotus owners will take their car straight to the track after visiting a garage, i did it myself this month after i had the running in service done i went straight to a track night at Knockhill
  6. Andy can you DM me i wanted to ask you something if that ok cheers
  7. Top work Paul. I have the lotus switch fitted on mine really pleased with it
  8. has to be tiles (IMO) 😎
  9. This looks very nice and OEM Any chance you can make another set of these and post out? Happy to pay for the privilege................??
  10. AIM dash, red calipers and black interior i presume!? That was meant to be my car that i ordered through Lotus Uk however it was delivered without the blue interior so i had to get another one. Lovely car though
  11. I deal with these type of discussions for a living and have helped many people with the same dilemma. There are a few things which i can share with you which will help. Feel free to message me and we can arrange a chat about it.
  12. Thanks! Was nice to see the 2 of them parked next to each other when I picked mine up. Orange looks good but laser blue was the only choice for me. Complimented with the blue alcantara seats as well
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